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Thursday, July 28, 2005


Don't sing it... BRING IT.

...to "The People As Media" Conference.


Cafta Passes the House...217-215

With the margin so thin... and only two abstaining votes.

Cunningham lines up with his buddy Tom Delay and votes to pass CAFTA and give us all the SHAFT-A.

This is one of those votes that could have been avoided had we elected Busby.

One less coporate Congressman could have saved us from the declining dollar, lower wages for workers, and globilzation.

We need to look at what the WTO and IMF are. They are large chartered organizations for nations to apply trade policies - NOT civil liberties, NOT democractic practices, NOT workers rights. They are an organization based on how to shape the market and conduct trade. This has no protections for our rights and freedoms. It is a amalgamation of coporate communities.

President Bush claims it will spread Democracy... just like in Iraq? No thanks!

Danny DeVito for Governor: Dump the Evil Twin! (by William John Cox) - Media Monitors Network (MMN)

Danny Devito for Governor - Elect the GOOD Twin.



In the 1988 movie, Twins, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito play twins resulting from a genetic experiment in which they were separated at birth. Arnold was raised in an island paradise by a private tutor to be an innocent intellectual, while Danny was dumped in an orphanage and survived the mean streets of New York to become a small-time crook.
Now, two years later, it appears that it was actually the evil twin who seized control of the state government under false pretenses. Schwarzenegger sits like a pompous pasha, smoking his big cigars, in his personal tent erected in the courtyard of the state office building in Sacramento, receiving corporate emissaries and flying around the country bagging "contributions" from his "special interests." Evidence of the Evil Twin’s substitution is abundant:

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

CBS 5: Schwarzenegger Rental Deal Questioned

When the Governor told you that he has his own money, he didn't tell you where it is coming from. It appears as CBS5 reports, that Governor Schwarzenegger owns a building. He has owned it for years. Actually, it is owned by his production company.

Arnold's been working hard with all those special interest groups (businessmen, laywers, etc...) and needs some cash for the up coming special election. In order to keep money flowing in circles, he allowed this special interest groups like the laughable, "Save California" a nice low rent in his building.

Wait!? It's he getting rent from them, so they can work to pass his legislation, so they can pay rent, to work and pass his legislation.... *TA DA*


The San Francisco Chronicle reports that a political action committee that Schwarzenegger controls is renting office space in a building that Schwarzenegger owns in Santa Monica. During the last three years, Schwarzenegger has been paid more than $166,000.

I highly encourage you to visit this site, they have a nice video of the story in the upper right.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Daily Kos: Ahnold: 'they hate me. they really, really, hate me!'

Wow...the polls are in and his popularity is in the toilet.


That and they are on to his corporate business ties to the fitness magazines - his veto of a bill that would effect them financially, not to mention the health of consumers.

Hasta la vista, Arnie!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Latino Lawmaker Says Governor Schwarzenegger's Attendance at Border Governors Conference in Mexico is Little More Than a "Photo Opportunity"

Another example of Schwarzenegger doing nothing for our state. Any type of meaningful reform on our border, must consist of true commitment.

The Governor attended last year's Border Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico. While at this year's Conference, Governor Schwarzenegger is only scheduled to attend a two-hour formal dinner, and has no plans to attend any of the major sessions of the two-day meeting. Schwarzenegger has scheduled previous visits to Mexico since he became Governor in October 2003, but those visits were cancelled.
Assemblyman De La Torre says Governor Schwarzenegger’s focus on California’s relationship with Mexico pales in comparison to that of his predecessor, Gray Davis, as well as the other border governors. Even the relationship Republican President George W. Bush has had with his counterpart, Mexican President Vicente Fox, is stronger than any relationship Schwarzenegger has with Fox or with any other Mexican officials.

Let's work on a real resolution that addresses the true problems - not just chicken dinners and photo ops.

Monday, July 18, 2005

My take on "Rove-gate"

It still blows my mind. Obviously, two groups will find different points to a story that are important to them. But, both parties have almost different stories.

[lies can be found here]
Republicans (like Mehlman) believe that lowly and unimportant Valerie Plame worked her contacts over at the CIA, in order to get her husband a trip to Niger. This trip was to hurt the Bush administration because Joe Wilson is more partisan than he would have you believe. Oh the humanity. Karl Rove was talking to Matthew Cooper to prevent him from misrepresenting the story, by clarifing that Dick Cheney/Scooter Libby didn't ask Joe Wilson to go to Niger and investigate yellow cake and terrorism. Joe Wilson is a shill and his wife deserves to lose her job.

[truth can be found here]
When in fact the press is reporting, that Joe Wilson was asked to visit Niger by the "Office of the Vice President" in order to assertain the validity of the yellow cake/terrorism issue. He went, found nothing, and found that he was sent on a lark because they were going to attack Iraq anyway. Being the diplomat, Joe Wilson didn't seem to like the non-diplomatic options. Joe Wilson writes an op-ed piece that most Republicans and conseratives disliked because it didn't match up with that the perception of the war on Terror was/should be about. Rove and Libby condemn and attack Joe Wilson, they also decide to hand out some political payback and out his wife. If they can publish her name, it would put his wife out of a job (possibly die). Rove and Libby talk with Robert Novak, Matt Cooper, and (we'll see) Judith Miller - schills the lot of them, and try to out Valerie Plame to get a Joe Wilson.

[Democrat spin opportunity]
Democrats see the multi-tiered abuse of power from the Bush administration and attempt to use it to take out Rove and damage the credibility of the RNC noise machine. They are attempting to have the Media/journalism reclaim itself and identify the Republican schills.
In the meantime; soliders, civilians, and terrorist alike die for almost no reason. A well-deserved political munity.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Cunningham signed Coast Guard documents in May saying he owns boat; NY businessman contends it's his


Friday, July 15, 2005

Governor's Special Interests - always get something in return...

It looks as thought Dear Governor may be in some deep trouble.

I can already hear you... "How deep is it?!"

Well, his approval rating is in the toliet...his disapproval rating is sky high!

Police, firefighters, teachers, nurses, public employees, and unions are resent his attempt to hurt their pay check protection, with ballot initiatives.

He hasn't done a thing about the border but talk...

Oh yeah, now he is taking money from Fitness Magazines companies - in exchange for vetoing a bill that would require health and vitamin supplements companies to state facts about their product. The companies don't like that bill. The Governor killed it to get their money.

The call follows revelations of the governor's $8 million secret contract with bodybuilding and fitness magazines based on advertising revenue while vetoing a law regulating nutritional supplement companies that advertise in the magazines.

PDF on how he failed to report these earnings.

...and here I thought California was having problems with money. The Governor can't see to properly balance and disclose his own checkbook.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Duke on the outs?!!

I've got this bit o news that has shown up twice to my notes...

Duke may not run for relection - may resign.

Decline to run: http://atrios.blogspot.com/2005_07_10_atrios_archive.html#112137698937194185


I'll update when I know more.

Update: I arrived late to the press confrence at Cal State San Marcos for U.S. Congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham, but the people hung around for comments and photo ops.

The Verdict... Randy "Duke" Cunningham will not run for re-election. No new comments were made about the investigations, and no plans were made for resignation.

Pictures from the event.

After said event.

Local politician Ron Packard was present.

Media Melee!

A woman who cried some.

This man flew with Duke... Navy Supporter.

Staff and supporters.

Extra points if you can name any of them!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Cunningham woes spell campaign dollars for Democrat

NCTimes puts forth a good perspective on how Cunningham's actions have resulted...
On Wednesday, Cardiff School District Trustee Francine Busby, who launched her campaign against Cunningham earlier this year, reported that her campaign donations have spiked significantly since the news reports surfaced in early June, and a campaign spokesman said that he attributes much of the jump to the Cunningham story.

Also on Wednesday, former gubernatorial candidate George Schwartzman, a minor player who threw his hat in the ring in the 2003 recall election, became the first local Republican to publicly announce that he will challenge Cunningham for the Republican nomination in the March primary

People are looking elsewhere for leadership and integrity. Something that "Duke" Cunningham may have lost a long time ago.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Need help visualizing the Death of our troops in IRAQ?

This blows my mind!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

County assessor's office: Duke's home sale price too high

Facts from the article:

Cunningham's sale price to Mitchell Wade - $1.675 million
Butler : County Assessor, true market value - $1.375 million

"The fact that it hadn't sold (also) indicates the $1.675 million sales price was too high," Butler said

Mitchell Wade's sale price -
$1.68 million

Michell Wade's final sale price - $975,000
Butler : County Assessor, true market value -

After Wade put the house back on the market for $1.68 million, it sat on the market for 261 days. And by the end of that time, the listing price had come down to $1.3 million. He sold the house last October for $975,000, a $700,000 loss.


Let us remember the scale of this transaction. What woul
d you buy for 100,000? Write it down... I'll wait.


Now multiply what you bought by 3. Okay, now multiply it by 3 again.
That's is what Cunningham got out of his transaction with Mitchell Wade.

This is what I picked for $50,000 a pop (that means I get two for each $100,000).

Can you imagine my gas bill?!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Pure Arrogance of Incumbency

As Cunningham climbed into the back of a black Blazer, one reporter asked if he were considering resigning.

He tilted his head and asked softly: "Why should I?"

Read the papers much?

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported in June that Cunningham sold his Del Mar-area home in 2003 to Mitchell Wade, the founder of MZM, a defense contractor, for $1.675 million and that Wade later sold the house for $700,000 less. Around the same time, MZM's defense contracts increased dramatically.

Other questions have arisen because Cunningham lives on Wade's yacht, named the "Duke-Stir," while paying only docking and maintenance fees and netted $400,000 when he sold his own yacht to a man convicted of bid-rigging. FBI and grand jury investigations are ongoing.

This doesn't include the Duke, contributions to Tom DeLay of Texas?

This doesn't include the Duke, seal of the House of Representatives on a buck knife for personal sale/revenue?

Or the problem with the Duke-stir Yacht and the Kelly C Yacht.... Count them... 2 yachts and a home in Del Mar.

www.talkingpointsmemo.com is ontop if it.. as usual...

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

NCTimes fluffs up Cunningham's rotary appearance...

Frankly, I'm tired of the NCTimes. They seem to be fluffing the appearance of Duke Cunningham to show that people still support him, amid his scandal. The headline reads, "Rotarians give Cunningham two ovations" - how odd.

They mention that...
Once he left the luncheon, Cunningham was immediately surrounded outside the arts center by radio and TV reporters and cameramen who had been barred from attending the event.

Once again, refusing to answer questions and "coming out" to visit with people at CLOSED venues.

Duke, How are you to clear your name when you won't answer questions or invite discussion of your "poor judgement"? Close yourself off in your private venues and let the NCtimes fluff you up for the public.

Cunningham, who has denied any wrongdoing, said that his instinct is to publicly address the questions that have been raised, but has been stopped from doing so by his attorney.

Allowing your lawyer to speak for you = POOR JUDGEMENT.

"blood in the water"

The North County Times columnist William Finn Bennett talks about how the damaging allegations have hurt Randy "Duke" Cunningham reputation. Taking bribes will do that.

The reason this story is big - is not because of Washington corruption.

This story is big because it will force Cunningham to actually campaign for his House seat, instead of relying on his name and the (R) next to his name. It's carving a divide between him and his image. Now, he will have to back up and build that image - rather than rely on it's existence for a political win.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

"What the Governor has done for you.."

This is a great article that explains the facts of what Governor Schwarzenegger has not/done for our state. It lists his promises and his accomplishments in that area. From looking at the list, he falls short of accomplishing exactly what he promises.


Consider some of Schwarzenegger's bolder proposals, and the outcomes so far:

-- Candidate Schwarzenegger, touting his environmentally friendly agenda, wanted to equip half of all new homes built in California with solar power by this year. Instead the governor is sponsoring legislation that calls for 1 million homes and buildings to be powered by the sun -- by 2018.

-- Saying he wanted to take the influence of money out of governing, Schwarzenegger proposed that politicians, himself included, not be able to raise campaign contributions while the state budget is being crafted and voted on. But he has put little of his clout into pushing for legislation to impose fund-raising blackout periods, and he has been a torrid fund-raiser, collecting more than $42 million since winning election.

-- Schwarzenegger made public last summer the 2,500-page California Performance Review, which he said would reinvent government and save taxpayers billions. But most of the proposals to redo state agencies have not been enacted, and one money-saving idea that has -- the state hired a private company to help increase efficiencies in purchasing goods for state departments -- has only saved $4.9 million, not the $96 million it promised.

There's more....


Schwarzenegger has made bold promises that have often been scaled back or abandoned:

Federal funding: The governor declared that he would be known as the "Collectinator'' for securing more federal funds for California, saying there is "more than $50 billion they are not giving us." Schwarzenegger administration officials say they have won about $1 billion from the feds.

Tribal casinos: While campaigning for governor, he said Indian tribes operating casinos owed the state about $2 billion and pledged to make the tribes pay their fair share. After signing compacts with five tribes, he said the deals would bring the state $150 million to $200 million. Administration officials say the compacts have actually generated about $18 million.

Prison reform: The governor has pushed to reorganize the state prison system to put new emphasis on rehabilitating inmates. The system will change its name to the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation on Friday, but Schwarzenegger has proposed cutting more than $40 million from inmate rehabilitative programs.

Deficit spending: As a candidate, he blasted budgets signed by former Gov. Gray Davis, saying the state must "end the crazy deficit spending" and "ensure that California government lives within its means." The governor asked voters last year to support a bond measure that would borrow money to pay off debt.

It seems like all this "coming up short" on promises was all just a tactic. Stall, stall, stall... wait for the propositions to change things.

Has California become a initiatives-make-the-change only state?! It seems that voters had spoken when voting on Prop 98, but he seeks to change it and cut it's funding. How is that the work of the people?

Monday, July 04, 2005

Cunningham's Mansion and Yacht searched...

Dateline Alabama...

The search for truth is on...
FBI agents in San Diego searched Cunningham's $2.55 million mansion outside San Diego and a 42-foot yacht named Duke Stir, according to a bureau spokeswoman who said agents from the Department of Defense and Internal Revenue Service took part in the operations.

Agents also searched the Washington, D.C., offices of defense firm MZM Inc. MZM's founder, Mitchell Wade, bought a home the congressman sold in 2003 at what may have been an inflated $1.7 million price. Wade also owns the boat docked on the Potomac River where Cunningham said he has lived part-time since April 2004.

Debra Weierman, an FBI spokeswoman in Washington, confirmed the boat and office searches; FBI San Diego spokeswoman Jan Caldwell confirmed the search at Cunningham's home in the exclusive community of Rancho Santa Fe.


I'm sure this could have been done sooner....but, hopefully things will turn up.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Good news from Irregular times...

Things don't look good for Cunningham... but good for Busby!

Well, wouldn’t you know it, the sharks of the Republican Party are already circling around Mr. Cunningham, their dear old chum. I’m counting 7 GOP politicians who have lined up their wagons to run for Cunningham’s seat just in case he bites the dust - although none of them have made the challenge official yet. The wiser voters in California’s 50th congressional district will look at these Republican politicians with an extra critical eye, given their close connections with Cunningham and the clear failure of the Republican Party in their area to provide them with a candidate who has the kind of integrity voters deserve. Take a look at the local GOP’s history, for crying out loud - they’ve been lining up behind Cunningham for years, giving him as much help as he wanted, no matter how he betrayed ordinary voters.

There’s one person who is standing up for true integrity for voters in California’s 50th district: Democrat Francine Busby. Way back before the story of Congressman Cunningham’s apparent corruption broke, it was Francine Busby who was standing up to Cunningham and calling for a more positive vision and more responsible leadership.

Friday, July 01, 2005

This may Seal up any questions...

Over at 10news.com, it seems they are following the news that Mr. Cunningham has abused his position once again.

U.S. Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham is facing questions over use of the congressional seal on a $595 Buck knife that he sells through a company he owns, it was reported Thursday.
Federal law prohibits the use of the congressional seal on commercial products unless Congress has given express consent. There is no record of Congress ever giving approval for use of the seal on the knives, the Times reported.

This again, shows "poor judgement". How much "poor judgement" adds up to "flagrant abuse"??

Top Gun Enterprises Inc. says it had 1,000 of the knives specially manufactured. Cunningham, the sole owner of the company, reported earnings in the 12 months preceeding May of between $15,000 and $50,000, according to the latest financial disclosure report, the Times reported.

Nctimes, has it too...