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Monday, July 18, 2005

My take on "Rove-gate"

It still blows my mind. Obviously, two groups will find different points to a story that are important to them. But, both parties have almost different stories.

[lies can be found here]
Republicans (like Mehlman) believe that lowly and unimportant Valerie Plame worked her contacts over at the CIA, in order to get her husband a trip to Niger. This trip was to hurt the Bush administration because Joe Wilson is more partisan than he would have you believe. Oh the humanity. Karl Rove was talking to Matthew Cooper to prevent him from misrepresenting the story, by clarifing that Dick Cheney/Scooter Libby didn't ask Joe Wilson to go to Niger and investigate yellow cake and terrorism. Joe Wilson is a shill and his wife deserves to lose her job.

[truth can be found here]
When in fact the press is reporting, that Joe Wilson was asked to visit Niger by the "Office of the Vice President" in order to assertain the validity of the yellow cake/terrorism issue. He went, found nothing, and found that he was sent on a lark because they were going to attack Iraq anyway. Being the diplomat, Joe Wilson didn't seem to like the non-diplomatic options. Joe Wilson writes an op-ed piece that most Republicans and conseratives disliked because it didn't match up with that the perception of the war on Terror was/should be about. Rove and Libby condemn and attack Joe Wilson, they also decide to hand out some political payback and out his wife. If they can publish her name, it would put his wife out of a job (possibly die). Rove and Libby talk with Robert Novak, Matt Cooper, and (we'll see) Judith Miller - schills the lot of them, and try to out Valerie Plame to get a Joe Wilson.

[Democrat spin opportunity]
Democrats see the multi-tiered abuse of power from the Bush administration and attempt to use it to take out Rove and damage the credibility of the RNC noise machine. They are attempting to have the Media/journalism reclaim itself and identify the Republican schills.
In the meantime; soliders, civilians, and terrorist alike die for almost no reason. A well-deserved political munity.


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