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Friday, July 15, 2005

Governor's Special Interests - always get something in return...

It looks as thought Dear Governor may be in some deep trouble.

I can already hear you... "How deep is it?!"

Well, his approval rating is in the toliet...his disapproval rating is sky high!

Police, firefighters, teachers, nurses, public employees, and unions are resent his attempt to hurt their pay check protection, with ballot initiatives.

He hasn't done a thing about the border but talk...

Oh yeah, now he is taking money from Fitness Magazines companies - in exchange for vetoing a bill that would require health and vitamin supplements companies to state facts about their product. The companies don't like that bill. The Governor killed it to get their money.

The call follows revelations of the governor's $8 million secret contract with bodybuilding and fitness magazines based on advertising revenue while vetoing a law regulating nutritional supplement companies that advertise in the magazines.

PDF on how he failed to report these earnings.

...and here I thought California was having problems with money. The Governor can't see to properly balance and disclose his own checkbook.


  • I was going to write something about this, but Arnold pulled the plug on the deal almost as soon as it became a public issue. He is much sharper than Cunningham, who just bumbled his way through to early retirement.

    Arnold is still in the pocket of special interests, but he can afford to be patient and wait for his reward.

    By Blogger RJB, at 11:47 PM  

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