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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

"What the Governor has done for you.."

This is a great article that explains the facts of what Governor Schwarzenegger has not/done for our state. It lists his promises and his accomplishments in that area. From looking at the list, he falls short of accomplishing exactly what he promises.


Consider some of Schwarzenegger's bolder proposals, and the outcomes so far:

-- Candidate Schwarzenegger, touting his environmentally friendly agenda, wanted to equip half of all new homes built in California with solar power by this year. Instead the governor is sponsoring legislation that calls for 1 million homes and buildings to be powered by the sun -- by 2018.

-- Saying he wanted to take the influence of money out of governing, Schwarzenegger proposed that politicians, himself included, not be able to raise campaign contributions while the state budget is being crafted and voted on. But he has put little of his clout into pushing for legislation to impose fund-raising blackout periods, and he has been a torrid fund-raiser, collecting more than $42 million since winning election.

-- Schwarzenegger made public last summer the 2,500-page California Performance Review, which he said would reinvent government and save taxpayers billions. But most of the proposals to redo state agencies have not been enacted, and one money-saving idea that has -- the state hired a private company to help increase efficiencies in purchasing goods for state departments -- has only saved $4.9 million, not the $96 million it promised.

There's more....


Schwarzenegger has made bold promises that have often been scaled back or abandoned:

Federal funding: The governor declared that he would be known as the "Collectinator'' for securing more federal funds for California, saying there is "more than $50 billion they are not giving us." Schwarzenegger administration officials say they have won about $1 billion from the feds.

Tribal casinos: While campaigning for governor, he said Indian tribes operating casinos owed the state about $2 billion and pledged to make the tribes pay their fair share. After signing compacts with five tribes, he said the deals would bring the state $150 million to $200 million. Administration officials say the compacts have actually generated about $18 million.

Prison reform: The governor has pushed to reorganize the state prison system to put new emphasis on rehabilitating inmates. The system will change its name to the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation on Friday, but Schwarzenegger has proposed cutting more than $40 million from inmate rehabilitative programs.

Deficit spending: As a candidate, he blasted budgets signed by former Gov. Gray Davis, saying the state must "end the crazy deficit spending" and "ensure that California government lives within its means." The governor asked voters last year to support a bond measure that would borrow money to pay off debt.

It seems like all this "coming up short" on promises was all just a tactic. Stall, stall, stall... wait for the propositions to change things.

Has California become a initiatives-make-the-change only state?! It seems that voters had spoken when voting on Prop 98, but he seeks to change it and cut it's funding. How is that the work of the people?


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