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Saturday, June 25, 2005

clip from the personal Duke Cunningham's personal statement...

These are some gems...

While I am not at liberty to discuss the specifics of MZM's classified work, I can say that in 2003 MZM was actively seeking space for its operations close to Miramar Marine Corps Air Station. Mr. Wade shared with me that his company hoped to acquire space where he could locate highly secure communications equipment along with quarters for employees visiting from other cities. I informed Mr. Wade that Nancy and I were contemplating selling our home in the Del Mar Heights neighborhood, which is close to Miramar. After learning about the size and location of our property, Mr. Wade advised me that MZM would be interested in purchasing our house. I understood that MZM wanted the property for use as an office and as corporate housing until such time as MZM could locate more secure facilities for its operations at one of the military installations in the San Diego area.
Ya know! It just came out in random conversation that I was hoping to sell a home, and Mitchell was in looking for one. Go figure. Never mind our working, social, and personal relationships co-mingle more than a plate of spaghetti. Bad judgment... that's all!

Elizabeth Todd, a realtor with the Willis Allen Company in Del Mar, set the asking price for our home. Ms. Todd and her husband are friends of mine and as a friend, she was kind enough to research the sale prices of similar homes in my neighborhood.
I did not list my home in Del Mar Heights for sale or hire a real estate agent to sell the property because Mr. Wade had already indicated an interest in the property and, like most people selling their own home, I hoped to avoid the additional costs associated with selling a house through a broker. Again, I recognize that I showed poor judgment in not listing the house publicly for sale. I should have given more thought to the perception that it might create.
First, he directly asks Mitchell Wade about selling his home. Big mistake. Second, he decides to skip all those pesky fees and have a 'friend' *cough* large campaign contributor *cough* set the price for me as my broker, ...errr agent, ...errr friend.

Cunningham is claiming he made a series of poor choices. You must ask yourself, "Did he make a series poor choices?", or "Did he intentionally make these bad choices for profit?".

The odds work against him on the potential occurence of having a series of poor choices being strung together.


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