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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Voices of San Diego - Neil Morgan breaking open breaking stories...

Neil Morgan talks about how difficult it can be break a truely important story to the community. He explains that sometimes the paper can be the barrier to open communication.

For years and through multiple terms in the House of Representatives, the names of Randy "Duke" Cunningham and Duncan Hunter, both safely conservative Republican Congressmen, had been sacrosanct in the pages of the Copley family's San Diego Union-Tribune. The Washington news bureau of Copley News Service filed usually obeisant reports of their ascent through Congressional ranks.
It didn't occur to the Duke that the sale of his house could have provoked a flood of outraged letters to the Union-Tribune, or certainly not that the Union-Tribune would have turned over its entire letters op-ed space on June 14 to excerpts from some of those letters.

Papers must feel FLACK in order to break the stories that help a community.

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