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Monday, June 06, 2005

The Governor is keeping the money...

Looks like the Governor doesn't want to give up his cash.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger terminated any efforts to get him to return $10,000 that Toledo-area coin dealer Tom Noe contributed to his campaign.
Mr. Noe is facing a federal investigation for allegedly laundering contributions into the Bush campaign by giving friends and colleagues money to give to the President. A grand jury convened this week in Toledo to hear the allegations

This is part of the Ohio coin scandal. The state of Ohio were looking at investing options to provide compensation for the workers. Republicans on the state compensation board decided to invest in rare coins... Enter Tom Noe - Republican fundraiser. Now, there are questions about why they chose to invest in coins vs beanie babies. *insert joke*. But, now they are wondering if this was legal to begin with.
Ohio Coin-gate Scandal timeline.

It's pretty impressive that the people of California have pushed hard enough to keep the Governor hording cash for the upcoming fight in the ballot initiatives.


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