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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Duncan Hunter doesn't know how to treat women - equally.

Heather Wilson - Representative or New Mexico. Female Military Veteran.

The people who are pushing this policy change intend to close positions, not
open them," she said. "I think it's offensive. We've got women thousands of
miles from home doing dangerous work and for the first time in history the
Congress is going to pass a law restricting how the Army can assign its
soldiers? But not all of its soldiers -- just women. What are they thinking?"

Duncan Hunter - Representative for California. Male Military Veteran.

"The morale of Navy wives already has suffered from allowing women to serve on
Navy ships," he warned

I don't get what he is talking about... Is he more worried about the wives of military soldiers, or the soldiers on the battlefield? I'm sure any solider would love to have an extra set of eyes trained on the battlefield to protect their squad - man or woman. Rather, than the sadness of their wives due to the fact, they share a bunk and mess hall with fellow soldiers who are women.

With low recuitment numbers for 4 months straight... Now is not the time for Duncan Hunter to be picky about what women are doing on the battlefield. They are fighting a war. Good enough?


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