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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Student Bill of Rights aka Doctrine of Intolerance

Apparently, Bill Morrow, (CA Senate, R-38) has decided that students don't need to listen to their teachers. It's official! We knew it may have been happening already, we just needed a law to cinch that one up.

The "Student Bill of Right" - Or as I like to call it, "Doctrine of Intolerance" attempts to...
...keep students from being muzzled or punished with low grades for taking positions in class that challenge the ideology of professors.
This is a wide and sweeping argument. Discussion and debate are a natural part of the classroom, but is much too broard? Saluting the flag? saying, "Under God"? Prayer in class?
I noticed this nice part that talks about "anti-religious" doctrine. The plot thickens.

...The measure had called for reading lists to reflect "diverse viewpoints"; for faculty not to use classrooms as venues for political, ideological, religious or "anti-religious" doctrine; and for campus speakers to be chosen to promote the "principles of academic freedom and ... intellectual pluralism."Morrow, who debated the measure in a public forum on the San Marcos campus in March, told a crowd of about 300, "If you are harassed and harangued, you can't learn."

It is starting to sound like a thinly-veiled attempt to require public schools and colleges to promote religious doctrine. This openly violates the separation of church and state. There is a similar bill being worked on in Florida (thanks demcco!). The Republican party is targeting public education and attempting to require religion to be part of the curriculum.


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