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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Drudge dumps on Kerry...

This is how the media fails us - Thumbs up for Media Matters.

In an effort to make himself look MORE biased, Matt Drudge links a incorrect Associated Press news story. The AP news story as been corrected and lightly implcated that Senator Kerry had potentially divulged the name of a CIA operative in a hearing for Bolton's Confirmation.

Kerry did not release the name of a CIA operative and the AP made a mistake. The mistake is that CIA and various other government organizations have mentioned the operative's name several times. Fulton Armstrong, CIA Operative. (Black helicopters are on the way...)

The story was highlighted by Matt Drudge, right-wing golden boy of the Internet. Not to mentioned picked up by Los Angeles Times, Newsday, and The Washington Post.

What does this give us? A large misunderstanding and scandal that doesn't exsist.


Doesn't this sound familiar?!

Oh yeah! Robert(Bob) Novak and Valerie Plame!!! I remember now.

Yet, not much has happened to good old Bob Novak - Nor has it gotten the coverage it deserved.


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