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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Richard Riordan Resigns

It's all over for another California Republican. What's with all the Republicans jumping ship?

It must be bad news.

Of course this is the same man that called a young girl, named "Isis" a "stupid, dirty, girl".

He is also the same guy that ate a hamburger in front of people at a hungerstrike.

In a three-tent encampment on the lawn of City Hall, 11 gardeners gathered to drink only water and Gatorade for seven days and seven nights...They did, however, get a visit from Mayor Richard Riordan, who discussed his intent to approve the leaf-blower ban while munching on a mayonnaise-dripping Bob's Big Boy hamburger.

Mr. Class Act.


  • Unfortunately, his replacement Alan Bersin will probably be even worse. Arnie hand picked him to continue his war on Teachers, as Bersin has been doing in S.D.

    By Anonymous Sven, at 8:32 PM  

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