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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Shining light on the "Day of Truth"

It seems that Rick Reiss who writes for The Californian, may have reported the story - but left out a few facts when editorializing.

Interesting facts.

In Poway Unified, a student is a part of a law suit
to create a precedence of embedding personal religious belief into the public school system. He is representing the boy and his family as they sue the school. Proactive enough?

Just an innocent student voicing his opinion?

Oh wait...
He was part of a group that promotes intolerance based on personal religious beliefs. The group, Alliance Defense Fund, is dedicated to condemning "detrimental personal and social behavior". They have purposefully aligned their "Day of Truth" to follow the "Day of Silence".

You will note one of his
lawyers is the same person that is working to keep the Cross on Mt. Soledad.

As well as keeping "under God" in the pledge of alliegence... via The Catholic League.

...for the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights et al. by Edward L. White III and Charles S. LiMandri...

Also, keeping the
cross on the Los Angeles County seal...

I'm starting to think California's debt may be attributed to all these court cases.


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