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Monday, June 20, 2005

North County Times call for investigation...

NCtimes is trying to explain it all away...But, they are coming up with the same conclusion.

Cunningham must take this opportunity to clear his name with a vigorous federal investigation.

The deal was a bad idea. Too many influences. Too much money. Too many connections to the money and influence.

People involved:

Contractor, Mitchell Wade: Making money from defense appropriations that Randy Cunningham makes decisions about.

Realtor, Elizabeth Todd: On the hook for family political contributions to Cunningham Campaign totaling $11,500. Facilitated the sale of the home for Cunningham and Wade. Made 2.44 million commission from Cunningham purchase of new home in Rancho Santa Fe.

U.S. Congressman, Randy Cunningham: Making money from sale of home (1.6 million) to Mitchell Wade, and moving to Rancho Santa Fe. Wade takes a $700,000 bath - but starts making money in his defense contractor business.


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