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Friday, June 17, 2005

C.R.E.W pushes for Ethics Committee to probe Cunningham

C.R.E.W, the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, has made an urgent demand of the House Ethics Committee to investigate Randy "Duke" Cunningham.


As it turns out the realtor, Elizabeth Todd, have been past contributors to the campaign - 18 separate times totaling $11,500 dollars in 1997. WHOOSH!

Cunningham sold his house through a realtor, Elizabeth Todd, who he said had set a fair and independent price. However, Todd and two family members have made 18 separate contributions totaling $11,500 to Cunningham's congressional campaign committee since 1997, according to records at the Federal Election Commission.
According to Copley News Service, records state that Cunningham sold the house to 1523 New Hampshire Avenue LLC. Nevada state business records show that Wade owns that company. It is the address of his Washington, D.C., office.


Oh this is playing out like a soap opera. Let's just hope no one comes back from the dead!!!


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