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Saturday, July 09, 2005

County assessor's office: Duke's home sale price too high

Facts from the article:

Cunningham's sale price to Mitchell Wade - $1.675 million
Butler : County Assessor, true market value - $1.375 million

"The fact that it hadn't sold (also) indicates the $1.675 million sales price was too high," Butler said

Mitchell Wade's sale price -
$1.68 million

Michell Wade's final sale price - $975,000
Butler : County Assessor, true market value -

After Wade put the house back on the market for $1.68 million, it sat on the market for 261 days. And by the end of that time, the listing price had come down to $1.3 million. He sold the house last October for $975,000, a $700,000 loss.


Let us remember the scale of this transaction. What woul
d you buy for 100,000? Write it down... I'll wait.


Now multiply what you bought by 3. Okay, now multiply it by 3 again.
That's is what Cunningham got out of his transaction with Mitchell Wade.

This is what I picked for $50,000 a pop (that means I get two for each $100,000).

Can you imagine my gas bill?!


  • Another great post. It looks like both MicroMayhem and Words Have Power were on the same page regarding Duke's "Why should I?" quote.

    Keep up the good work.

    Words Have Power has a link to your site now.


    By Anonymous Words Have Power, at 12:23 PM  

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