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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Carol Lam is mentioned in Gonzales and Rove missing e-mail

Here is the quote.

Most of the e-mails on the list focused on media coverage of the firings.

One, dated Jan. 13, is described as "Notifying FBI of Union-Tribune (nyse: TRB - news - people ) article re: Lam's resignation and FBI SAC D. Dzwilewski." Carol Lam was the U.S. attorney in San Diego, where Dan Dzwilewski is heading the FBI's local office until he resigned April 30.

Sampson has acknowledged, under questioning by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., that he complained to FBI headquarters about Dzwilewski's contention that Lam's firing was politically motivated.


Dan Dzwilewski was forced to resign because he spoke out against the firing of Carol Lam, by Alberto Gonzalez's Justice Department. Carol Lam brought down Randy "Duke" Cunningham and exposed a part of the local Contracting lobby/bribe industry set up by Mitchell Wade, Brent Wilkes and their buddy Jack Abramhoff. Jack Abramoff was the one to bring in Dusty Foggo, the Number 3 at the CIA back into the mix for the Strippers and Drugs at the Watergate Hotel.

These e-mails will help prove that the firing was politically motivated as well as punishment for exposing how parts of the Southern California Military Contract lobby directly bribe and support the Southern California Republican Party.

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