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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Arnold slams Rush Limbaugh

Saw this great story on how Arnold is fed up with people trying to pigeon hole him.

Limbaugh keeps calling him a "Closet Liberal", because he backed down after the Special Election, ditched his developer friends, and turned to looking at Universal Health care for all Californian's.

So far, all good ideas in my book.

And then came California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who frankly told "The Today Show" Tuesday that "Limbaugh is irrelevant."

"I'm not his servant," Schwarzenegger said. "I am the people's servant of California."

It was a shot aimed at Limbaugh's loaded term for Schwarzenegger -- "closet liberal."

"I don't know what happened to Arnold," the conservative talker said on his radio show. "He obviously didn't have the leadership skills to articulate conservative principles and win over the public as Reagan did."

Some political observers said Schwarzenegger's smackdown is a sign Limbaugh is not the dominant force he once was. Back in the day, his was the only conservative voice on the airways. Now he's one of many.

But others say Limbaugh's power has always been a myth.

"For all of his power and all of his fame, Rush Limbaugh, during his ascent in the '90s, bashing Bill Clinton on a daily basis, hours on the radio every day coast to coast, was not able to un-elect Bill Clinton," said Michael Harrison of Talkers Magazine, a trade magazine for talk radio.

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