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Friday, December 01, 2006

Abortion is cheaper to oppose than hunger.

In this article, the Christian Coalition ousts their new president-elect. He didn't even start his term, because Abortion is the cause - not poverty or hunger.

Also upsetting a lot of people is the Rev. Joel Hunter of the Northland Church outside Orlando, Fla.

Hunter was named president-elect of the Christian Coalition of America but resigned this week even before his term could begin, saying the board disagreed with his desire to expand the group's agenda beyond opposition to abortion and gay marriage.

"I wanted for us to do in the political realm, in the political advocacy realm, what we do in the church," Hunter said. " We pay attention to poor people, we pay attention to injustice, we pay attention to those who are sick, we pay attention to the environment, because it's God's gift of creation, and so on and so forth. So I wanted to expand the issue base … because Christ was not just about morality, Christ was about compassion."

Hunter said he would also have "stuck by" the traditional moral issues while tackling the other issues. But this week, he announced that he and the board had parted ways.


I can imagine the members of the Christian Coalition stepping over homeless veterans who are starving and saying, "We can't give you money or food. We are too busy trying to save potential babies, in the future! Because the Bible wants us to be compassionate to them. Homeless and poverty stricken people - meh! Not so much."

Who are these people trying to fool, by attempting to legislate morality and behavior? If you answered "Themselves!" give yourself a point!

Also they talk about how Barack "ROCK STAR" Obama is running for president and courting the evangelical population. He is trying to find a way to bring them into the debate, rather than leave them out. I hope they respect that, instead of pulling a "You are either with us, or against us". There is a middle ground. We all just have to agreed to look for it, together.

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  • Awesome commentary on the current state of the politics/morality ballet, my friend!

    By Anonymous Brant, at 11:25 AM  

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