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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bilbray claims residency in Carlsbad, amid scandal.

Here is what the Democrats have to say...
The letter, signed by the party's county chairman, Jess Durfee, urges recipients to contact the San Diego County district attorney's office and demand that "more information be made public about this investigation."

But Durfee acknowledged Wednesday that he has no proof an investigation is under way. He said he based the letter to the party faithful on several anonymous phone calls received from people who live in the Carlsbad neighborhood where Bilbray lives with his mother.

"They are people who are either neighbors or friends of neighbors who were called as witnesses," Durfee said.

On Bilbray's signed voter registration forms and his statement of candidacy, he lists his official residence as Carlsbad.
What does Bilbray say?

Bilbray said Carlsbad is his official residence.

"That is where I lay my head and that is where my surfboard and wet suit is," he said. "I have day care people (for mom) who will testify to it," he said
Will Bilbray have a moment like this in the near future?

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