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Monday, October 09, 2006

NRCC spends $8 Million in One Day on Tight Races...

They are running scared, trying to keep their lobbyists in office!

"The expenditures, which were disclosed in a filing to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), were spread out over 30 House districts, all but three presently held by Republicans. The outlays were mainly for television advertisements, but also included mail pieces and telephone calls to voters.

The overwhelmingly majority (97.6 percent) of the $7.8 million was coded on the FEC report as spending in opposition of the Democratic candidates. Just $184,375 of the NRCC’s Friday outlays, or 2.4 percent of the total, were identified on the report as money spent in support of GOP candidates.

Below is an itemized list of the $7.8 million the NRCC reported spending Friday. For districts that incumbents left open to retire or seek other office, the candidate of the defending party is listed first."
California’s 50th
(Republican Rep. Brian P. Bilbray vs. Democratic educator Francine Busby, a rematch of a June 6 special election won by Bilbray): $18,630 on mailings.


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