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Monday, July 31, 2006

Dawgs Eat Dogs...

The Reader does it again...

Matt Potter explains...

"Among the expenses of the Brian Bilbray congressional campaign is a payment of $1137.75 to Dogs R Us of Richmond, Virginia, for 'food for fundraising event' on June 30. But don't worry, the Washington lobbyists who attended the fund-raiser weren't forced to eat canine food. The caterer specializes in hamburgers and hot dogs. ... Jerry Lewis, the embattled Republican congressman from San Bernardino who has been under scrutiny for his ties to lobbyist and ex-congressman Bill Lowery, has paid $200,000 from his campaign committee to retain Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, the big L.A.-based law firm that defended Randy 'Duke' Cunningham, another tight Lowery pal."

It just shows you how Bilbray is one of the guys that hangs with bad people. Bilbray, Lowery, and Lewis - all chillin' in Virgina, raising money to keep themselves in power. Why to keep crooked lobbyists and corporate lawyers in power. What is so important about Virgina anyway? I noticed that Duke had a lot of companies do work for him out in Virgina.


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