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Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Conservative Soul: Roach vs Bilbray

The conservatives need to find their soul...

Democrat Francine Busby, 55, a women's studies lecturer who in 2004 won 36 percent running against Cunningham, finished first, but with only 43.7 percent, about what Bill Clinton, Al Gore and John Kerry won in the 50th in 1996, 2000 and 2004 – 45, 43 and 44, respectively. So Republicans heaved sighs of relief, thinking the seat is safe. They sighed prematurely.

Point to be made - small margin of error.

On June 6, Busby faces Brian Bilbray, 55, who led all Republicans on April 11. The 14 Republicans won 53.5 percent of the vote, but Bilbray – who from 1995-2001 represented the neighboring 49th District – won just 15.3 percent. And Eric Roach, 43, a wealthy self-financing candidate, won 14.5 percent.

The two people that have a chance are squabbling. But Roach is squawking - he believe Bilbray is wrong.

Darrell Issa, the Republican who now represents the 49th District, threatened to “bury” Roach if he did not quit campaigning. Roach, unamused by such pressure to disappear, says 45,000 of the 73,000 votes cast for Republicans April 11 were for conservatives. He is one (pro-life and aghast at spending by the Republican-controlled Congress), and he says Bilbray is not because Bilbray is pro-choice and “has voted for many tax increases.”
And Bilbray, since losing the 49th District in 2000, has been a Washington lobbyist, with a home in Northern Virginia, where his children attended school.

This makes the issue for me..

As for Roach, Bilbray says “the male ego is a fragile thing – as any woman can tell you.” He expects Roach to recede, once the sting of the April 11 loss subsides. Roach is visiting Washington this week, measuring conservatives' support for continuing his campaign.

Roach intends to push Bilbray out. Bilbray can't stop him. This is the fight soul of the local Republican district.

Roach is a conservative and Bilbray is a neo-conservative. The 50th is unsure of what they want. When I look at the election results, I see that Republicans voted MORE for a non-big money candidate. Where as minority support is strong for a neo-conservative like Bilbray.

Find your soul Republicans - Democrats know theirs and have the plan!


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