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Thursday, March 16, 2006

GOP touts tough ethics against Busby, but not Morrow's Mess.

SDpolitics, finds how the Republicans attack Bubsy on ethics...

But are they going to scowl at Morrow at well for his anti-immigrant rally in Carlsbad?

"Republicans are obviously determined to battle Busby on the ethics issue (which is the cornerstone of her campaign). They are obviously also concerned with her standing in the polls and strength in fundraising, given the flurry of anti-Busby press releases issued the past several days. This just in from the San Diego County Republican Party:"

I’m not sure what the GOP are getting at. Did Republicans complain of an ethics violation towards Bill Morrow, when he sued for the right to use Carlsbad Unified School District, Cultral Arts Center for his anti-immigrant rally/candidacy for the 50th?

That is school property and he was using his political office to promote a rally and candidicy for the 50th, and his anti-immigration platform. Republicans are going to make a stink about spending tax-payer money on a visit to a college, but not when it cost the tax-payers of Carlsbad $64,000!?

Talk about the $64,000 dollar question.

It seems that Republican Party is turning a blind eye to there own members once AGAIN... and we all know how it ended up last time.


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