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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bill Morrow's Mess...

I arrived around 7:00 as the flyers and radio ads had announced. Unknown to me, local right wing radio host - Roger Hedgecock - had urged his audience to arrive early and pack the seats. As not to allow other groups to sit in the arena and voice other opinions. Again, this event was extremely well coordinated. Bill Morrow was to set the stage for a "community forum". Hedgecock gathered the audience, and Tom Tancredo as well as Jim Gilchrist were the big names. They also, brought the short attention span media peddlers, The MinuteMan Project, as well as the Center for Immigration Studies. CIS is a right leaning anti-immigration group that provides stats for local wing-nuts. Not to be confused with CIS, Citizenship and Immigration Services. http://uscis.gov/graphics/index.htm Odd how that name matches up, huh?

When I arrived, Carlsbad police - in conjunction with several other police departments from around North County - had cornered off Lancer Way from Chestnut Ave. Most of the parking lots were full, forcing many local residents to park far away from there homes. I myself had to park a block away from Magnolia Ave, totalling a good quarter mile away from the High School.

There were bullhorns, chanting, clapping and booing. Insults were slung from both sides, which made the event ugly. From what I could tell, most people on both sides of the picket line outside the packed Cultural Arts Center were not locals to Carlsbad. I saw some unaffiliated shaved-head individuals that roamed about the crowd of anti-immigration supporters. I believe them to be skinheads of some nature. Some of the pro-immigration groups that follow the MinuteMan Project appearances, his is fairly common. Some people came from Vista, which just recently had a local shooting spree due to gang violence. I believe they came to support a resolution for our Tri-county area, but they didn't find any. They found a pep rally for hate.

I was not able to get inside due to the packing of the event, and police presence was EXTREMELY strong. I hear it was fairly represented in the audience at the event, the stage on the other hand was heavy handed conservatism and race-baiting.

From what I can tell, this was a coalition of hate and vitriolic political hatred. Formed by Bill Morrow, in order to take the seat of the disgraced and dishonored Randy "DUKE" Cunningham. Bill Morrow has put forth big bucks in order to beat out any other Republican candidates. Hoping that Jim Gilchrist and his fanatical freaks will push Bill Morrow into the spotlight and sweep a new anti-immigration candidate into office.

Now that some of the flack has blown over from California Senator Bill Morrow's Anti- Immigration Forum, I have some photos to post. I'll try and get some of the video, once I get a spot to host it. Too bad Bill Morrow still refuses to pay for it. This is his $62,072.41 dollar pep-rally for hate. He should at least pay for his fair share.

Lancer Way and Chestnut under police protection.

the scene is set...

The crowd have galvanized and is cornered off...

Plenty of protesters and advocate on both sides...

That is serious business...

These are some of the anti-illegal immigrant proponents...

It's local Carlsbad HS Film Crew to record the mayhem for posterity. Award winning material, no doubt!

The mayhem unfolds where culture and art collide.

The police motorcade winding things up.

The event winds down...with flashing lights and shouting.

A touching moment of peaceful sentiment as human rights advocates pray for Tom Tancredo.


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