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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Seven Weeks of Governator SPIN

Are you ready? The mailers, the television ads, the articles, the news radio narrow-casts...

Are you ready?

Not surprisingly, the governor was cheered wildly at the GOP convention when he announced he was supporting Prop. 75. Polls show it is the only one of the four "reform" initiatives currently enjoying majority support.

But by adopting the measure as one of his own, Schwarzenegger faces a steep challenge. He must spend the next seven weeks convincing voters ---- especially Democrats and Independents, who have abandoned him in droves ---- that public employee union "bosses" are the real obstacles to meaningful reform. And he must somehow do this without stigmatizing rank-and-file workers.
The problem with that strategy is that the campaign isn't starting now. It started months ago, after Schwarzenegger announced his "year of reform" measures and a coalition of labor unions took to the airwaves, undermining his message before he had the chance to deliver it.

This is California politics. Republican Governors (Schwarzenegger, Wilson, Regan, etc...) have used the initiative process to circumvent how California makes laws. The current Governor is being co-oped by big business, coporate interest, and extreme Republican idealoges. To push an anti-union agenda that is unacceptable in the state legislature. The Governor is not supposed to create law as a king or monarch would. It is the responsibility of the Governor to enforce and promote the rule of law. To oversee that law and it's requirements have been satisfied.

This is what is wrong with our initiative process. Currently, Republicans are using the initiative process to bypass our elected body and push poorly worded, groundless, and unproven ideas and create law.

Get ready. You have been warned.


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