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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Labor: what is its future here? North County Times - North San Diego and Southwest Riverside County News

"Unemployment is almost as low as it can be ---- 4.4 percent.

That ought to be comforting news to labor, if by that word one means working men and women. When unemployment is low, jobs are supposed to go begging, and those mysterious market forces that economists point to all the time are supposed to operate to drive up the price of work.

But in North County, and in fact almost all over the country, that's not happening: At the low end of the wage scale, where small pay raises make the most difference, pay rates are stuck."


This is a great article. While it covers the Labor Movement and it's own issues - I like how it puts these facts in the light of the Bush Administration. It's sad... really sad. The remainder of the article points out how labor could help, but also how our local area stacks up.

The issue?

Our middle class jobs are flying out of America and the cost of living is going up. Fewer middle class? How do you afford to send your kids to college, health care, or save to buy a home - when everything costs more and your pay check isn't moving upward. This means, more wealth for coporations and businessmen and middle class America is missing the boat.

How do we change this and what can be done? For one stop bickering about illegal immigration and start getting pissed about the illegal immigration of our jobs to other countries like India, or Pakistan.


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