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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Morrow and Wyland continue to ignore Health Care

In an ever growing trend of finger pointing and misinformation - we can see the largest problem that is facing California... Health-care... is being ignored.

But does Bill Morrow know this? Does Mark Wyland? These people represent our cities and our well being. Yet, they seem more preoccupied with a different matter. They, along with 2 other state law-makers have sponsored a bill that would strip away the requirements for our Governor to declare a "BORDER EMERGENCY". We don't seem to need any requirements in having an emergency - Bill Morrow and Mark Wyland feel we should do without protections.

After Schwarzenegger stated this week that he lacks the legal authority to declare an emergency at the border, four regional Republicans responded by introducing legislation that would eliminate legal roadblocks.

"Why don't we just make sure and change the law, and if the governor then refuses to call the state of emergency, then we have something to fight about," said Assemblyman Ray Haynes of Temecula, who is among those backing the measure.

Sen. Dennis Hollingsworth of Murrieta, Sen. Bill Morrow of Oceanside and Assemblyman Mark Wyland of Del Mar also are supporting the bill.

"In a statement yesterday, Hollingsworth said illegal immigration 'taxes the state's vital resources, including public safety, health care and education.' "


Lets look at that last statement. "...illegal immigration taxes the state's vital resources, including public safety, health care and education."

The remaining portion of the article points out the largest problem we truly face in California... HEALTH CARE.

Some health care providers see a greater emergency than others.

At the El Centro Regional Medical Center, where illegal border crossers with leg and ankle injuries flooded the emergency room after border fencing went up in the Calexico area in the late 1990s, chief executive David Green said the number of such cases has decreased in recent years.

However, injured immigrants found by Border Patrol and other law enforcement officials are routinely dropped off for treatment, and the hospital is not reimbursed. The facility also provides uncompensated care to some legal border crossers from Calexico, Green said, in addition to American patients who lack health insurance.

"The emergency is that we are running out of money," he said. "It is all of the above. It is not 100 percent illegal immigration. It is obviously tied to the uninsured rate . . . but it further exacerbates the problem."

A study of border hospitals released in 2002 showed that undocumented immigrants accounted for 25 percent of uncompensated hospital emergency care, while uninsured Americans accounted for the rest.

"We have done numerous studies in the last decade that indicate that the greatest threat to our fragile safety net is under-reimbursement from our own residents and citizens, not from illegal immigrants," said Judith Yates, vice president of the Healthcare Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties. "You have to look at who is generating much of the story, and look very carefully."

Border Patrol records illustrate a sharp decline in border-crossing apprehensions during the past decade in California: In the San Diego sector, apprehensions dropped from more than half a million in fiscal year 1995 to 138,608 in fiscal year 2004. As of Monday, 110,315 illegal border crossers had been caught since last Oct. 1, the beginning the 2005 fiscal year.

According to the agency's El Centro sector, the illegal immigration crisis that surged in the Imperial Valley in the late 1990s, after border enforcement in the San Diego area pushed migrant traffic east, has also long since wound down.

Between fiscal years 1994 and 2000, the number of immigrants caught in the sector surged to 238,126 from 27,654. But 75,246 immigrants were apprehended in fiscal year 2004. As of Monday, 48,350 people had been caught crossing illegally since Oct. 1.


I know several people that have need of MediCal in order to have children and or care for horrible injuries. Programs like MediCal, save lives and provide care for regular, working people. Working at Taco Bell, or Wal-Mart will not give you enough money to birth a child, care for an major injury, or recover from cancer.

It's bothersome that our state legislators refuse to acknowledge this and continue to confuse the lesser issue with the greater, more unified issue.


  • Great blog I hope we can work to build a better health care system as we are in a major crisis and health insurance is a major aspect to many.

    By Anonymous Colorado Health Insurance, at 12:01 PM  

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