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Thursday, August 04, 2005

An open letter to CNN, Inside Politics;

An open letter to CNN, Inside Politics;

As a frequent viewer of your programming, I have been subject to the highs and lows of your programming pool. I'd like to bring to you attention an amazing event. One of your shows GOT BETTER. It was amazing to bear witness. I was watching CNN, Inside Politics; Robert Novak and James Carville were on and discussing Katherine Harris' claim of distorted photos in the media.

I'd like to point out that this was a low point for the show. I wasn't particularly interested at all. I was eating at the time and the food was more entertaining. *SNAP, CRACKLE, POP* said the cereal. "Oh really?! Tell me more!". Suddenly, Robert Novak walked off the set for whatever reason. At this point, CNN Inside Politics be came more interesting. I was drawn to it, as if my sight had been restored.

Normally, I get headache from this show. It seems to coincide with Robert Novak's presence on the show. I have Snap, Crackle, and Pop checking into that. But, the moment he left, the headache, muscle-aches, and diarrhea went away! It was as if a cancerous tumor had been removed magical unicorn healing had taken place upon me and the show at once. I shouted, "BEGONE foolish breakfast elves!! YOU INTEREST ME NO MORE!!!!". I cast down Rice Krispies upon the floor and took my place in front of the warm, healing glow that is CNN, Inside Politics.

Please do not let my healing end. Do what you must to maintain the healing power that is now CNN, Inside Politics. I can not go back to the elves and their chatty ways. My advice is to change the locks and refuse Robert Novak to return to the show. Don't renounce me to the elves of Krispie Rice, I wish to bask in the light that is CNN, Inside Politics without Robert Novak.

Write your own letter ot Inside Polotics about Robert Novak


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