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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

CBS 5: Schwarzenegger Rental Deal Questioned

When the Governor told you that he has his own money, he didn't tell you where it is coming from. It appears as CBS5 reports, that Governor Schwarzenegger owns a building. He has owned it for years. Actually, it is owned by his production company.

Arnold's been working hard with all those special interest groups (businessmen, laywers, etc...) and needs some cash for the up coming special election. In order to keep money flowing in circles, he allowed this special interest groups like the laughable, "Save California" a nice low rent in his building.

Wait!? It's he getting rent from them, so they can work to pass his legislation, so they can pay rent, to work and pass his legislation.... *TA DA*


The San Francisco Chronicle reports that a political action committee that Schwarzenegger controls is renting office space in a building that Schwarzenegger owns in Santa Monica. During the last three years, Schwarzenegger has been paid more than $166,000.

I highly encourage you to visit this site, they have a nice video of the story in the upper right.


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