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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Latino Lawmaker Says Governor Schwarzenegger's Attendance at Border Governors Conference in Mexico is Little More Than a "Photo Opportunity"

Another example of Schwarzenegger doing nothing for our state. Any type of meaningful reform on our border, must consist of true commitment.

The Governor attended last year's Border Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico. While at this year's Conference, Governor Schwarzenegger is only scheduled to attend a two-hour formal dinner, and has no plans to attend any of the major sessions of the two-day meeting. Schwarzenegger has scheduled previous visits to Mexico since he became Governor in October 2003, but those visits were cancelled.
Assemblyman De La Torre says Governor Schwarzenegger’s focus on California’s relationship with Mexico pales in comparison to that of his predecessor, Gray Davis, as well as the other border governors. Even the relationship Republican President George W. Bush has had with his counterpart, Mexican President Vicente Fox, is stronger than any relationship Schwarzenegger has with Fox or with any other Mexican officials.

Let's work on a real resolution that addresses the true problems - not just chicken dinners and photo ops.


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