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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Schwarzenegger Aides Accused Of Ethical Lapses - OH SNAP!

This is amazing...

Last month, the governor walked away from a $5 million deal with muscle magazines after a public outcry over the deal. Now, we've found out his top aides have been doing the same thing. New financial filings released in the capitol this week show the governor's top three staff members have been earning thousands of dollars doing work as outside political consultants.

Chief of Staff Patricia Clarey, Legislative Director Richard Costigan, and Communications Director Rob Stutzman have collected $20,000 to $25,000 each from doing outside work -- and that's on top the six-figure salaries they earn from their state jobs. While the moonlighting is technically legal, it's raising serious ethical questions.

...wait for it...

Here's the problem: staffers leave their offices inside the Capitol, then they go outside and do work that's paid for by big contributors and special interests. Then they come back to work here in the governor's office, passing judgement on legislation that affects those contributors. That has Democratic critics howling.

...stay on target...

"I think that you can conclude that the pawnshops in California have higher ethical standards than Schwarzenegger and his team," said Bob Mulholland of the California Democratic Party...



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