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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Cunningham - can't manage money... or integrity

I'm not a professional campaign finance director, but some of the money shenanigans are starting to make my head spin. First we have a yacht, then two yachts. Then we had a loan, a home that was sold, and then a new home. Then, he is not running for re-election, but he is "above board".

But, now we are getting just plain confusing.

U.S. Rep. Randy 'Duke' Cunningham, R-Escondido, applied this week to the Federal Election Commission to shift money he raised for his political campaign to his soaring legal bills. Duke collected $672,000 from supporters who wanted to see him win re-election in 2006; now he's hoping that money will win him back his good name.
But, as far as we know, the legal bills he's paying don't stem from his service to his North County constituents. Instead, the grand jury is investigating Duke's sale of his personal home in Del Mar Heights to a suddenly successful defense contractor, and his low-cost residence on that same contractor's yacht.

Imagine if you had collected thousands of dollars on behalf of your favorite local charity or ballot proposition. Do you think you could 'redirect' that money to pay your divorce lawyer, or the lawyer representing you in a personal-injury lawsuit?


This a great point - political contributions to your campaign, shouldn't be used for your personal lawsuit defense! It's that like a priest taking contributions for his Parrish, then using the money to put down bail on a crime he committed? I believe the FEC is has a standing code about using a fraction of the money, but not the whole shebang.

In announcing his retirement due to the home-sale scandal last month, Duke offered to donate $300,000 in proceeds from selling his mansion in Rancho Santa Fe to a trio of his favorite charities. We wonder if his campaign donors feel they are getting what they paid for."


Money for political campaign goes to personal finance. Now, we have personal money going to charity.

Could he not sell the home, use the home money to pay for his personal legal defense? THEN, donate his political contributions to charities or other political causes?!!?

This just show more "poor judgement" on his part.

Rebuking DUKE was not enough...

Randy, Resign. It's the only good move left.


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