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Thursday, September 08, 2005


Just a heads up for people that don't know... Jenni Criscenzo is running for Congress against Darrell Issa. Talk about uphill - If there is anyone who will do it - Jenni has the gumption.

"Tempers flared and criticisms of the White House were hurled Tuesday afternoon at Oceanside City Hall during a meeting that was billed as an 'open discussion' of the pros and cons of withdrawing American troops from Iraq.

But the positions that were staked out at the meeting were almost entirely one-sided, as all but one of the residents who spoke railed about the reasons and rationale for the war in Iraq, called for the troops to come home as quickly as possible, or both.

'They brought us into this war on lies, and our kids are over there dying,' said resident and Congressional hopeful Jeeni Criscenzo."


  • I don't know much about Jenni myself. Anyone but Issa would be great! Although to be honest, I'm not sure she'd have a chance. Have you met her, or do you know much about her?

    In the wake of our governments ineptitude after hurricane Katrina, I'm thinking of getting more involved somehow. Maybe actually go to a DFA meeting, or offering to help with my Direct Mail / Graphic Design experience. The past week has actually felt quite depressing to me, and I feel I need to do something about it.


    By Anonymous Sven, at 9:40 PM  

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