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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Cunningham family to sue government over ill-gotten real estate.

Yet another gem and here I thought I regular Americans suffer from delusions of "entitlement" from the government and civic communties.

Yet, Congressman Cunningham expects to be compensated for inconvenience of possibly breaking the law.

"Rep. Randy 'Duke' Cunningham and his wife contend that the federal government violated their due process rights by moving to block the sale of their Rancho Santa Fe estate and are asking for monetary damages.

The couple also argue that the action to block and eventually move to seize the proceeds of a sale has resulted in 'low-ball' offers far below the $3.5 million they are seeking for the property.

In July, the government attempted to block the sale by filing what was initially a secret notice of its interest in the property. U.S. attorneys contend that Cunningham, R-Escondido, bought the home in part with money obtained in violation of bribery statutes."

When the U.S. attorney voluntarily unsealed the civil suit against the couple's Rancho Santa Fe home two weeks ago, the document revealed that federal prosecutors are alleging Cunningham "demanded and received" the inflated payment from Wade in violation of bribery laws.


Let us think this through.
Cunningham demands a inflated payment for his property, which is a violation of bribery law. Cunningham then uses that money to purchase a new home. U.S. attorneys find out, investigate, and file charges. Properties are searched, finances are examined - Sale of home? Frozen by the U.S. attorney. Why? The home may have been purchased with bribe money. Bribe money = illegal. Home = Evidence. Depending on the outcome of the crime the house will be sold, auctioned, or given back.

It's analogy time.

Duke has a 2 stolen car. He demands and receives 200 dollars for his stolen car. Duke uses his 200 dollars to buy a new car. Duke is arrested for illegaly obtaining funds through stealing. Now Duke wants to sue the government because they are not allowing him to sell his new car - because of an on going investigation regarding his illegal activities involving. This is what we like to call EVIDENCE.


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