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Monday, March 13, 2006

Busby VS Republicans @ CSUSM

I'm not sure of thes status of this event, but it should provide entertainment.

"Cal State San Marcos will provide a platform for candidates vying for the 50th Congressional seat, to tell people why they should be chosen to replace former Congressman Randy 'Duke' Cunningham.

The opportunity will come during a debate hosted by the university's Alumni Association on March 23, which will see candidates field questions submitted by the public as well as the campus community. The free event is scheduled from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Clarke Fieldhouse/ University Student Union on campus.

Cunningham resigned from the seat in late November after admitting to having received cash bribes and illicit gifts in exchange for helping two defense contractors obtain government defense contracts valued in the millions of dollars over the last five years.

Last week, Charles Guthrie, the executive director of the university's Alumni Association, said the debate will give district residents insight into each candidate and what they stand for. He added that the university often acts as the center of political issues and education for the public.

'We are hoping the community comes out,' Guthrie said. 'I think it's very important that local people are in tune with politics and things that could impact their daily lives.'"


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