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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Wyland names AB1218 after William J. 'Pete' Knight, the guy that tried to ban gay marriage.

What is up with Wyland? Naming a bill after the man who attempted to ban gay marriage in California?

"A wide range of community groups stood in opposition to AB1218, for different reasons. The bill, titled 'The William J. 'Pete' Knight Memorial Act', by Assemblyman Mark Wyland (R-Vista), would require that the Pledge of Allegiance be recited daily at elementary and secondary schools.

Without addressing the constitutional and separation of church and state issues often brought up by opponents of a mandatory Pledge of Allegiance, Equality California took an immediate position against the bill because of its namesake. Knight, the late homophobic senator who authored Proposition 22, California's gay marriage ban, should not be honored with this legislation, said EQCA Executive Director Geoffrey Kors.

'Pete Knight opposed the tenets of the pledge, which are liberty and justice for all,' said Kors. 'We strongly oppose this bill being named in honor of someone who was responsible for keeping a significant part of the population of California from having liberty and justice.'"

I think its better to name a bill after Duke Cunningham. In fact John Kerry just did so...

The Duke Cunningham Act

Kerry's bill – nicknamed the “Duke Cunningham Act” after the Rancho Santa Fe Republican who resigned last year after pleading guilty to accepting $2.4 million in bribes – would halt pensions for senators and House members found guilty of bribery, perjury or conspiracy to defraud the government.

Cunningham is entitled to a pension of about $40,000 a year under current law, which excludes only former lawmakers who are convicted of crimes against the United States, such as treason and espionage.

It's disgusting that hard-working taxpayers fund the retirement of criminals like Duke Cunningham,” said Kerry, D-Mass. “We have to restore the public trust in the country.”

Amen! I think we pay enough in sending him to jail for ten years... if that!


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