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Friday, January 06, 2006

This is the time...[Beware the woodwork]...

I agree with the following statements... This is the time.

The way I see it, a Republican could earn a spot in the June runoff with 16 percent to 20 percent of the vote. With such small slices of the pie, anyone – excluding the What-the-Hellers – could earn the showdown with Busby.

Given this hysterical fight to the finish, high-propensity voters in the 50th – and you know who you are, as do the campaigns – are destined to feel as adored as New Hampshire voters in a presidential primary.

Never before will so much money ($10 million is my low estimate) be spent to woo the willing in the predominantly North County district.

Think about it. This could be the year when the Republicans, reeling from one corruption scandal after another, lose control of Congress. A Busby victory would be a harbinger of a GOP collapse.

In Washington, the Democrats are licking their lips over a conquest as desirable as Helen of Troy. On the other side, Republicans will fight like Spartans to keep her.

Voters in the 50th might as well slip into something comfortable because they are about to be loved as they've never been loved before.

This is the time to create awareness... this is the time to back your leader... this is THE time in the 50th District.


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