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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Busby likely to win CA-50

I don't know how I missed this...

Democrats (and Republicans) say seat can be won

On Friday, DCCC spokesman Bill Burton said that Busby's race is considered among the top tier of winnable races by national Democratic party officials. Committee officials recently sent e-mails to the committee's national network of campaign contributors asking for campaign donations to support Busby's candidacy.

Burton said he strongly believes that Busby can win the 50th district race."I think the (Republican) political scandals have fundamentally altered the political environment in San Diego County and conditions are about as good as they can get," he said.

Republican political consultant Orr said that the special election format stands to benefit Busby more than other candidates."You have one solid Democrat in the race who would garner all the liberal votes, whereas the Republican vote is split," he said. "Because their votes are split ---- and with a low turnout ---- Busby could ... win the special election." Orr said that if he were working for the national arm of the Democratic party, "I would be telling my best (talent), 'Get your bags packed and let's go to California ---- we are going to steal a congressional seat.' "

There you have it. Democratic Leaders and Republican consultants agree... Busby can win.


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