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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Arnold says, "MY BAD!"

Told you! Now lets see if he gets re-elected.

"Two days after suffering a stinging election defeat, a conciliatory Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger took responsibility for the failure of his ballot initiatives and said he learned that he needs more patience in seeking government reform.

'The buck stops with me,' he told reporters Thursday during a Capitol news conference, referring to the clean sweep against his proposals in Tuesday's special election. 'I take full responsibility for this election. I take full responsibility for its failure.'

Voters rejected each of the initiatives Schwarzenegger was pushing on the ballot. He sought to implement a state spending cap and give the governor authority to make midyear budget cuts, change the way legislative districts are drawn, lengthen the probationary period for teachers and restrict the ability of public employee unions to raise money for political campaigns."



  • Re-elected? Nah! He's the "One-Term-Inator"


    By Anonymous Sven, at 7:23 PM  

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