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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Governor Schwarzenegger pulls ads off the air

Here is an older story (Nctimes)that counts out how Governor Schwarzenegger's name is work against him.

I've seen polls that I will post, about how when people hear his name is behind a proposition that they oppose it more than normal. This may just go to show that, any publicity isn't always publicity.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's campaign said Saturday it was withdrawing a TV ad that featured the governor appealing to voters to support his slate of ballot initiatives.

The move to drop Schwarzenegger from the airwaves comes at a critical time -- just 17 days before the Nov. 8 election.

His campaign dismissed the notion the ad -- the only one featuring the governor -- was pulled because of Schwarzenegger's falling approval ratings. Instead, they said TV ads are being rotated as part of a plan to educate voters about specific ballot measures.

Still, some observers said Schwarzenegger's ability to sell his ballot agenda might be limited because polls show he has the approval of only about 35 percent of voters.

"An overwhelming majority of voters think this special election is unnecessary and an overwhelming number of voters say they will not vote for Schwarzenegger again. Let's face it, he's unpopular," said Larry Gerston, a political scientist from San Jose State University.

Todd Harris, spokesman for Schwarzenegger's California Recovery Team, said there is no effort to hide the governor and pointed to his Saturday campaign stops in Southern California and a live TV forum planned for Monday.

Notice how the claim is "focus" on the initatives rather than, the Governor supporting the initiatves. What is more important in this election? Well nothing but the initiatives themselves. But, why does Governor Schwarzenegger not want to be associated with the initatives directly, if he believes they will "reform" the state of California politics?

Wax this for a moment, the Republicans don't control the state senate or the house, they are currently out of power in the legislative branch. The only thing that most Republicans have for themselves is the Governor. It's too bad they are sacrificing Governor Schwarzenegger and his credibility for the ability to cripple teachers, nurses, police and firefighters ability to voice their concerns as citizens in the political arena, as a wedge toward the Democrats. It a political gamble, and Schwarzenegger is willing to play dirty.


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