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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bill Morrow: No guest worker programs, no hike in wages..

It appears that Bill Morrow doesn't want to solve the problem. It appears that he just wants to create them. In this article entitled "Local farmers fret over rising cost of wages" from the NCTimes - it seems Bill Morrow doesn't want to do anything.

A growing labor shortage in California's agricultural industry has local farmers bracing for a tough ---- and expensive ---- winter harvest, farm industry officials and local growers said Wednesday. Several factors are fueling the problem, they said, including: increased border enforcement that is reducing the number of illegal immigrants entering the county; growing competition from other industries, such as construction and hospitality; and the lack of a guest-worker program to allow undocumented immigrants to work legally.

What is he willing to do?

Reached by phone Wednesday, Vartan Djihanian, district director for state Sen. Bill Morrow, R-Oceanside, said that Morrow does not support the idea of a guest-worker program until all existing immigration laws are enforced.

What?! No guest worker program and farmers should not pay higher wages. What does that fix... Morrow's contention has been that immigration policy is broken. What is he willing to fix?! The guest worker programs are monitored to curb illegal immigration and the hunt for jobs and it contracts cheap labor from Mexico. What is Morrow in favor of "fixing"?

I'm starting to get the feeling he is trying to "fix" his campaign, rather than the border.

The border is policed. You must stop businesses from hiring illegal immigrants and use guest-worker programs to stem the flow of illegal immigrants. But, we must understand that there are legal migrant workers from South America and their rights should be respected as well as our own.


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