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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Logan Jenkins -- Gift list for truly deserving news makers

Happy Holidays!

If you are looking for gifts to give... here are some ideas for our locals from the UT.

"RANDALL HAROLD CUNNINGHAM: A toy Rolls-Royce (up to $50) and a Jane Fonda video ($7.95). The Rolls to remind the congressman of flusher times and the workout tape to keep Duke in fighting trim as the Navy hero serves a prison term for taking bribes and, in the view of many, betraying his country during wartime.

FRANCINE BUSBY: Nothing ($O). Duke already gave this lone Democratic congressional candidate from Cardiff everything she could ever want in her stocking."

Personally, I would take the 50 bucks for Duke's Rolls-Royce and hand it over to Francine Busby's campaign. Just my two cents!


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