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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Logan Jenkins -- Memorable jabs, uppercuts, wild swings

Great article that sums up the local races... Duke and Packard... thick as thieves...

"Requiem for a Nitwit: Randall Harold Cunningham's dive to the canvas shocked fans of the sweet-and-sour science. Two days after Copley News Service reporter Marcus Stern's scoop hit the porch, I started a column with a two-word prediction: 'Duke's done.' A lucky punch line.
Self-Inflicted Cuts: Former Rep. Ron Packard of Carlsbad sprang to the defense of his old House colleague, saying of Cunningham's house deal with a defense contractor, "I don't know of any person or public official who hasn't probably done something that would raise eyebrows." . . . North County Supervisor Bill Horn, God's gift to ringside wise guys, presented a diamond-encrusted quote – "We're not Franciscans" – while arguing for a controversial raise for well-fed supervisors. Bada bling! . . . Former Councilman Ralph Inzunza scolded an attorney for Fairbanks Ranch Country Club, which had enjoyed a sweetheart deal from the city while maintaining an illegal all-male lounge: "You should not be representing these kinds of clients who are out there doing the wrong thing. It's shameful and embarrassing." (Convicted of corruption, Inzunza is appealing a prison term. His brother Nick, mayor of National City, has richly embroidered the working definition of "slumlord.")

But I especially like this outlook...

Million-Dollar Baby: This remake stars Francine Busby, the distaff Dem who's eyeing a once-in-a-lifetime title shot that could turn into a national bellwether contest in the 50th Congressional District, a traditional Republican stronghold. Suddenly the Buzz-by of the minority party in Washington, D.C., Busby has a chance at knocking out a gang of Republican congressional contenders who might, as a whole, remind voters of the Dirty Duke, a figure so detestable pro wrestling wouldn't even let him into the ring.

However, if Busby's arm is raised – in April, if she wins 50 percent, or in a June runoff against the top GOP finisher – she'll have to turn right around and defend her title in the November general election. Up to three bouts in seven months! Where's Clint Eastwood?"


This special election speeds up the plans doesn't it? We'll see if Francine Busby's campaign can turn it up and out.


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