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Monday, February 13, 2006

Carlsbad Council Secret Meetings with Lennar?

Wow, secret meetings at City Council?!

Following allegations that the city has been improperly holding secret meetings with a developer, the City Council voted 4-1 Jan. 17 to consider having the city manager and attorney investigate laws and policies regarding staff meetings.

Members of a local political group called the Concerned Citizens of Carlsbad have claimed meetings city planners have had with developer Lennar Corp. were not made public and represented an end-run around open government.

Apparently the old meetings are now "public" and disclosed on this website...


More is over at the UT


Concerned Citizens for Carlsbad is seeking to place an initiative on the November ballot to preserve the strawberry fields south of Agua Hedionda Lagoon, two large tracts near Legoland, and the Flower Fields near Palomar Airport Road for agriculture.

Peter Lind, the group's attorney, said yesterday he uncovered agendas on the meetings through a Public Records Act request.

What is odd, is that I was called by a consulting/marketing firm regarding this area as a civic center or new town center. CCI Marketing did the dirty work of making the calls. But Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin & Associates. These guys are heavy hitters. They have been used by numerous cities and special interests in order to push perspective and ideas into the minds of the public.

It is all about image at this point. Yikes!


  • You may be interested to see all the proceedings from the Carlsbad "secret" meetings you mentioned.

    They were running concurrently with the City of Carlsbad's "Connecting Community Place & Spirit" initiative which involved participation of hundreds of community members over a multi-year effort. CCPS was focused on eliciting the 50-year vision for Carlsbad from all sectors of the community, including builders. All of the CCPS documents can be seen at:

    The Centre City meetings were about imagining what green building and sustainability models for Carlsbad could look like. They were also explorations of where those models could be demonstrated at scale first, and then promoted across the city over time.

    The products of all the Centre City stakeholder sessions from October 21, 2004 thru December 7, 2005 can be seen at http://www.carlsbadca.gov/ccps/4ccpsppt.html

    As the facilitator of those sessions, and many other long-range visioning activities in the region, I invite you to explore what is in those documents and then participate in the Imagine Carlsbad meetings that happen every month in the city.

    Joe Sterling

    By Anonymous Joe Sterling, at 10:15 PM  

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