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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Morrow and Kaloogian: FLIP FLOP on immigration.

I just love how things are so black and white for Bill Morrow and Howard Kaloogian. Everything must look like zebras and penguins to them. Illegal immigration is bad! Oh, workers for farms and landscaping - good!

Make up your mind!!!

"At a recent Republican women's forum in Escondido, former state Assemblyman Howard Kaloogian touted his endorsements from the San Diego Minutemen and Chris Simcox, the founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. State Sen. Bill Morrow quickly pointed out he's been endorsed by the California Minutemen and had stood at the border with them.

But when Kaloogian and Morrow spoke before the San Diego County Farm Bureau, an organization whose members depend on the labor of immigrants, they abandoned the fierce rhetoric and extolled the economic benefits of immigrant labor. Kaloogian suggested that border crossings should be like airports where people can come and go freely with security checks. Morrow said there's no reason agricultural employers shouldn't be able to call an office at the border and get the workers they need."

The devil is in the details and the Republicans don't have a clue.

Democrats Busby and Young said they support a need-based guest-worker program that would allow immigrants into the country when businesses can't fill their jobs with U.S. workers.

What a simply nuanced answer that just fits nicely. But, Morrow, Bilbray and Kaloogian are too busy spitting out rhetoric to face the issue as Americans understand it. They are too busy portraying our border as a warzone, immigrants as criminals, and cuts tightly near racism. Nationalism will only take you so far... until you start misrepresenting the issue and hurting people.


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