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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Bilbray will be investigated by Grand Jury.

Oh man, oh man!

Looks like Bilbray will be investigated by a San Diego Grand Jury for his residency issues.



Timeline break down.

6/21/05 - Bilbray registers to vote in San Diego County, naming Carlsbad address (his mother's home).

8/25/05 - Bilbray signs deed for a home in Alexandria, Virgina - declares it as principal residence.

12/12/05 - Bilbray's children affirm under oath, they live in Virgina with their Father, and wish to attend school in California without paying out of state tuition.

2/23/05 - Signs declaration of candidacy to run for Congress, citing Carlsbad as his primary residence.

What a carpetbagger crook!

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