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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Make them homeless, jobless, and resentful - You'll feel safer.

A wonderful article on NCtimes points out the Brian Bilbray and the Minutemen are doing nothing to benefit North County. Having rallies, trying to enforce poor laws, and threating latino groups aren't going to make immigrants happy - or you.

It's no secret that day laborers live in shantytowns in many of North County's canyons. They trek out during the day to find work at one of the many area farms, at construction sites or in yards of nearby homes.

The camps in McGonigle Canyon have been there for at least 20 years, and we have to wonder why there's a sudden push to evict those workers now. Could it be because it generates publicity? The city was already working with landowners to clear the canyon, and efforts to find the workers shelter ---- though continually stalled ---- are ongoing.

That folks are living in squalid conditions in canyons is a problem, but the eviction rally didn't solve it. The evicted workers aren't going to suddenly have viable shelter because the Minutemen pushed them out of the canyon. No doubt many simply moved to a different canyon ---- and some have already returned to McGonigle.

It's worrisome that this is where the illegal immigration debate is heading. Even more worrisome are the elected leaders who align themselves with such actions. Assemblyman and state Sen.-elect Mark Wyland of Vista was at the rally, saying he supports "every single one of these people who came out here." Congressman Brian Bilbray, who keeps an office in Escondido, has headlined other Minutemen rallies.


Bilbray is pushing to take away places to live, jobs, and institute poor laws to scare them away.

So when they have no home, no job, and no food - they wouldn't rob anyone then, right? They wouldn't be resentful then, right? They wouldn't have a reason to riot, right?

Is this the way we make everyone safer?

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