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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

SignOnSanDiego > News > North County > Logan Jenkins -- Common theme of discord plays in conflicting arenas

Logan Jenkins talks about his attendance of the Carlsbad Immigration Rally:

"..., I arrived at Carlsbad High School two hours before show time. At the corner of Chestnut Avenue and Lancer Way, two cruisers and six motorcycle cops were standing by.
By the end of the night, 150 officers would be called to the scene. Carlsbad's superintendent panicked, but it also looked like a police panic attack.
Fearing violence on campus, Superintendent John Roach had revoked the scheduled forum's permit on Aug. 5, hoping the organizers of the illegal immigration forum would make other plans.
No naif in the publicity game, state Sen. Bill Morrow, R-Carlsbad, the organizer (and chief beneficiary) of the forum, slapped Roach with a lawsuit. In short order, Roach caved and opened the doors to the plush, air-conditioned community theater.
Morrow had himself a priceless media coup, an event radioactive with the specter of violence.
Across Lancer Way, groups of blue-collar Latinos gathered in front of their modest apartments to watch the TV trucks and the long line of Anglos, most of whom were retirement age. Roger Hedgecock, the forum's moderator, had pumped up his listeners, encouraging them to arrive early and fill the seats.
During the forum, Hedgecock and others profusely thanked the police for protecting them from the pro-immigrant forces gathered outside.
The border advocates harbor as profound a grievance as the Latino residents of Vista's Townsite, but not against police or the military, forces they admire enormously.
Rather, they blame the political power structure - the Democrats, turncoat Republicans like President Bush and Sen. John McCain of Arizona, Big Business - for what they see as a human plague.

I think Logan is getting at something. The focus is on brown people and their existence. I'm sorry, but that isn't going away. Enacting laws and policies based on skin color isn't going to stop the problem. This may not be what Morrow, Hedgecock, and Gilchrist are talking on - yet they pay no caution to it. If anything they USE it. They are choosing this as an issue and the connection it creates with racism. The parties and politicians are aware. Some step in and use the issue. Some refuse to do anything.

It confuses the issue - Morrow, Hedgecock, and Gilchrist know it. If you look at the facts on; drugs, health-care, and public education - you'll see that American utilize these resources MORE than illegal immigration. illegal immigration is infused with these issues - but is NOT the sole cause of these problems. Look at health-care cost trends in our state. Look at the underfunded school systems that have become a battle ground for politicos. Look at the number of Americans that abuse drugs, legal and illegal.

And you tell me, little brown men are the BIGGEST problem in America.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Radio Factor guest host Gibson wrong on Latino ... [Media Matters]

Radio Factor guest host Gibson wrong on Latino ... [Media Matters]:
As guest host of The Radio Factor with Bill O'Reilly, Fox News host John Gibson falsely claimed that California's controversial Proposition 187, which sought to deny illegal immigrants access to most government services, 'couldn't have passed if Latinos or Hispanics in California hadn't voted for it.' His guest, Republican California state senator Bill Morrow agreed with Gibson's erroneous statement. In fact, exit polls found that the vast majority of California Hispanics voted against Proposition 187, and contrary to Gibson's claim, the measure passed without significant Latino support.

This is false for many reasons. It's not about voting against your fellow immigrants. People will vote however they choose. It's the false assumption that and glittering generalitiy that Morrow makes about Prop 187 and how the votes actually came down.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Morrow and Wyland continue to ignore Health Care

In an ever growing trend of finger pointing and misinformation - we can see the largest problem that is facing California... Health-care... is being ignored.

But does Bill Morrow know this? Does Mark Wyland? These people represent our cities and our well being. Yet, they seem more preoccupied with a different matter. They, along with 2 other state law-makers have sponsored a bill that would strip away the requirements for our Governor to declare a "BORDER EMERGENCY". We don't seem to need any requirements in having an emergency - Bill Morrow and Mark Wyland feel we should do without protections.

After Schwarzenegger stated this week that he lacks the legal authority to declare an emergency at the border, four regional Republicans responded by introducing legislation that would eliminate legal roadblocks.

"Why don't we just make sure and change the law, and if the governor then refuses to call the state of emergency, then we have something to fight about," said Assemblyman Ray Haynes of Temecula, who is among those backing the measure.

Sen. Dennis Hollingsworth of Murrieta, Sen. Bill Morrow of Oceanside and Assemblyman Mark Wyland of Del Mar also are supporting the bill.

"In a statement yesterday, Hollingsworth said illegal immigration 'taxes the state's vital resources, including public safety, health care and education.' "


Lets look at that last statement. "...illegal immigration taxes the state's vital resources, including public safety, health care and education."

The remaining portion of the article points out the largest problem we truly face in California... HEALTH CARE.

Some health care providers see a greater emergency than others.

At the El Centro Regional Medical Center, where illegal border crossers with leg and ankle injuries flooded the emergency room after border fencing went up in the Calexico area in the late 1990s, chief executive David Green said the number of such cases has decreased in recent years.

However, injured immigrants found by Border Patrol and other law enforcement officials are routinely dropped off for treatment, and the hospital is not reimbursed. The facility also provides uncompensated care to some legal border crossers from Calexico, Green said, in addition to American patients who lack health insurance.

"The emergency is that we are running out of money," he said. "It is all of the above. It is not 100 percent illegal immigration. It is obviously tied to the uninsured rate . . . but it further exacerbates the problem."

A study of border hospitals released in 2002 showed that undocumented immigrants accounted for 25 percent of uncompensated hospital emergency care, while uninsured Americans accounted for the rest.

"We have done numerous studies in the last decade that indicate that the greatest threat to our fragile safety net is under-reimbursement from our own residents and citizens, not from illegal immigrants," said Judith Yates, vice president of the Healthcare Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties. "You have to look at who is generating much of the story, and look very carefully."

Border Patrol records illustrate a sharp decline in border-crossing apprehensions during the past decade in California: In the San Diego sector, apprehensions dropped from more than half a million in fiscal year 1995 to 138,608 in fiscal year 2004. As of Monday, 110,315 illegal border crossers had been caught since last Oct. 1, the beginning the 2005 fiscal year.

According to the agency's El Centro sector, the illegal immigration crisis that surged in the Imperial Valley in the late 1990s, after border enforcement in the San Diego area pushed migrant traffic east, has also long since wound down.

Between fiscal years 1994 and 2000, the number of immigrants caught in the sector surged to 238,126 from 27,654. But 75,246 immigrants were apprehended in fiscal year 2004. As of Monday, 48,350 people had been caught crossing illegally since Oct. 1.


I know several people that have need of MediCal in order to have children and or care for horrible injuries. Programs like MediCal, save lives and provide care for regular, working people. Working at Taco Bell, or Wal-Mart will not give you enough money to birth a child, care for an major injury, or recover from cancer.

It's bothersome that our state legislators refuse to acknowledge this and continue to confuse the lesser issue with the greater, more unified issue.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

North County Times - North San Diego and Southwest Riverside County columnists

Great news!! You get taxed. Wouldn't be nice to get taxed... TWICE?! I know we all enjoy paying taxes - now we get them twice. With the Carlsbad "immigration rally". Who should we thank?!

Bill Morrow. He represents the people of Carlsbad and the Carlsbad Unified School District. Bill Morrow threaten to sue, if they did not allow his stacked anti-immigration rally to spew hate. John Roach, Superintendent of Carlsbad Unified School District, refused the anti-immigration rally access to school property. Roach's reason being that this may cause undue cost and damage to the school district and it's property. A cost that would be passed on to students, teachers, and supplies.

Yet Bill Morrow persisted in having the forum. Threatening to sue the Carlsbad Unified School District because he felt it violated his right to free speech... and his run for Congress in the 50th Congressional district. The now open seat, vacated seat by Randy "Duke" Cunningham and his alleged poor judgement real estate dealings with military contractors, has many a Republicans jockeying for position.

It's too bad that our own state senator Bill Morrow would turn his back on our city and schools, for his own political gain. Other agree...

"Lewis called the Morrow forum a 'political gimmick' designed to give the state senator public attention as he runs to replace Rep. Randy 'Duke' Cunningham, R-Escondido, in the 50th congressional district.

'I'm a Republican,' Lewis said, 'but I'm not a stupid Republican, and I resent it.'

Lewis said Morrow added insult to injury by suing the school district for legal fees accrued in Morrow's suit to compel the district to allow the forum.

'My taxpayers are getting hit twice,' Lewis said. 'Once for the folly of the forum, and again for the suit against the district. We're getting double whammied by him.'

Morrow's aides and the school district originally scheduled the forum in July. But when Carlsbad schools superintendent John Roach canceled the forum on Aug. 7, citing violence at previous events when the two groups came together, Morrow sued, claiming that his First Amendment right to free speech had been violated. Roach subsequently reinstated the forum. The controversy was widely covered in newspapers and on the daytime AM talk-radio shows.

Morrow, who advertised the forum with a flier e-mailed to supporters, blamed the resulting flap for attracting protesters that caused the need for the large police presence.


It's also my understanding that Bill Morrow is looking for the groups that attended the event with the puropse of agitating at the forum.

I think he can start with the following groups.

The Minute Man Project - http://www.minutemanhq.com/project/info/contact.html
KOGO 600 and Roger Hedgecock - http://www.rogerhedgecock.com/contact.html
Tom "Bomb Mecca" Tancredo - http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=story_18-7-2005_pg1_8
White Aryan Resistance - http://www.resist.com/

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Cunningham - can't manage money... or integrity

I'm not a professional campaign finance director, but some of the money shenanigans are starting to make my head spin. First we have a yacht, then two yachts. Then we had a loan, a home that was sold, and then a new home. Then, he is not running for re-election, but he is "above board".

But, now we are getting just plain confusing.

U.S. Rep. Randy 'Duke' Cunningham, R-Escondido, applied this week to the Federal Election Commission to shift money he raised for his political campaign to his soaring legal bills. Duke collected $672,000 from supporters who wanted to see him win re-election in 2006; now he's hoping that money will win him back his good name.
But, as far as we know, the legal bills he's paying don't stem from his service to his North County constituents. Instead, the grand jury is investigating Duke's sale of his personal home in Del Mar Heights to a suddenly successful defense contractor, and his low-cost residence on that same contractor's yacht.

Imagine if you had collected thousands of dollars on behalf of your favorite local charity or ballot proposition. Do you think you could 'redirect' that money to pay your divorce lawyer, or the lawyer representing you in a personal-injury lawsuit?


This a great point - political contributions to your campaign, shouldn't be used for your personal lawsuit defense! It's that like a priest taking contributions for his Parrish, then using the money to put down bail on a crime he committed? I believe the FEC is has a standing code about using a fraction of the money, but not the whole shebang.

In announcing his retirement due to the home-sale scandal last month, Duke offered to donate $300,000 in proceeds from selling his mansion in Rancho Santa Fe to a trio of his favorite charities. We wonder if his campaign donors feel they are getting what they paid for."


Money for political campaign goes to personal finance. Now, we have personal money going to charity.

Could he not sell the home, use the home money to pay for his personal legal defense? THEN, donate his political contributions to charities or other political causes?!!?

This just show more "poor judgement" on his part.

Rebuking DUKE was not enough...

Randy, Resign. It's the only good move left.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

chronology of corruption

This is a nice tool that was put together to catalog and track the corruption that IS:

Randy "DUKE" Cunningham.

Update: Sorry for being gone so long.... I'm getting my computer fixed.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I just had to bring this up....

Randy over at wordshavepower has been following up story and it's getting ugly.

I thought Republican's were for TORT reform. You know. Stopping frivolous lawsuits.

Well now Bill Morrow is suing Carlsbad Unified School District. What for?! Restricting his freedome of speech for this "immigration forum".

Odd how Bill Morrow has invited a number of right-wing, hate mongers and has the gall to call it a forum. The rally is stacked, which makes it more like a Hate Parade.

Read more here...

Schwarzenegger Aides Accused Of Ethical Lapses - OH SNAP!

This is amazing...

Last month, the governor walked away from a $5 million deal with muscle magazines after a public outcry over the deal. Now, we've found out his top aides have been doing the same thing. New financial filings released in the capitol this week show the governor's top three staff members have been earning thousands of dollars doing work as outside political consultants.

Chief of Staff Patricia Clarey, Legislative Director Richard Costigan, and Communications Director Rob Stutzman have collected $20,000 to $25,000 each from doing outside work -- and that's on top the six-figure salaries they earn from their state jobs. While the moonlighting is technically legal, it's raising serious ethical questions.

...wait for it...

Here's the problem: staffers leave their offices inside the Capitol, then they go outside and do work that's paid for by big contributors and special interests. Then they come back to work here in the governor's office, passing judgement on legislation that affects those contributors. That has Democratic critics howling.

...stay on target...

"I think that you can conclude that the pawnshops in California have higher ethical standards than Schwarzenegger and his team," said Bob Mulholland of the California Democratic Party...


Sunday, August 07, 2005

PRICE OF GOVERNOR'S ROAD SHOW / San Jose, nonprofit advocacy group foot bills for transportation-spending photo op

PRICE OF GOVERNOR'S ROAD SHOW / San Jose, nonprofit advocacy group foot bills for transportation-spending photo op: "In the end, what began as a full-blown media event to showcase Schwarzenegger and his transportation concerns ended up the target of late-night comedy.

'Isn't personally filling a pothole beneath the governor?'' sniffed Samantha Bee of Jon Stewart's 'The Daily Show,'' which recently aired a spoof on the event. 'We're talking about the star of 'Jingle All the Way,' and 'Kindergarten Cop.'

'A stunt like that might work for ... Gray Davis,'' she sniffed, 'But not the Terminator.''"


This gem is great!

Democratic critics said they are alarmed by a confusing web of groups to oversee -- and shield, some charge -- the activities of the governor.

"For a guy who came into office saying he would have the most open administration in history, they sure are hiding the ball an awful lot,'' said Democratic strategist Roger Salazar. "These guys are playing three-card monte with their funds, and with information that the public really wants to know. They move money from one group to another, and they refuse to provide information on his time and activities until they're absolutely required to do so.''

Sheldon Rampton, research director of the Center for Media and Democracy, a watchdog organization, said that while the governor's team may be abiding by the letter of the law, "the bottom line is transparency. There's an ethical problem anytime people engage in politics to change policy without the public knowing who's funding the effort,'' he says.


Again, we find that the Governor's plan is to shape public opinion. How and who is helping him. Republican businesses, lawyers, and corporations. Governor Schwarzenegger, just doesn't want you to know it and niether does California Recovery Team, or Save California.

This is disgusting.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Farewell Bruce Herring - we hardly knew ye... or cared to know ye.

Deputy City Manager Bruce Herring announced Thursday he will resign next month as a result of the San Diego City Council's refusal to indemnify him and others against litigation filed by the city attorney.
Herring said his decision stemmed from the council's decision Tuesday not to pay legal defense fees for eight former and current city pension officials in a lawsuit brought by City Attorney Michael Aguirre.
Herring stated that "the performance of duties referenced in this civil litigation was conducted under the authority provided by the City Council and city manager and approved by independent fiduciaries, actuaries and the City Attorney's Office."

Yet another San Diego Official bails out. I'm not so sure about what is going on...

Herring is claiming that he should have his legal fees paid by the city for the investigation from Aguirre's office. My understanding is that only works in civil suits - not state. Aguirre is government, so Herring wouldn't be protected - this isn't a civil suit. Am I right?

Cunningham: Politicians' private-jet use raises questions

More poop on Cunningham...

Although members of Congress are permitted to take all-expense-paid travel related to their legislative work, they are required to disclose the trips within 30 days.

Members of Congress cannot take free trips for campaign activities. Campaign laws require candidates to pay the equivalent of first-class commercial air fare when flying aboard corporate jets. However, since private jet travel is far more expensive than commercial air fare, politicians who comply with the law are getting an expensive gift from the company that owns the jet.
Federal Election Commission records show that Cunningham has paid for nine flights aboard Group W's jet since 2001, at a total cost of $15,674. But the FEC records – which only show the dates and amounts of the checks, not the dates or destinations of the flights – do not completely match up with Cunningham's trips. Additionally, there is no record that Cunningham paid for his own food or lodging on the trips.

At the time Cunningham was taking the trips, Wilkes' company, ADCS Inc., was winning multimillion-dollar contracts on projects approved by the House defense appropriations subcommittee, on which Cunningham sits.

ADCS, a private company in Poway that specializes in converting paper records into computer records, has received tens of millions of dollars in military contracts since 1996.

Over the past eight years, the defense appropriations subcommittee has repeatedly added funding for ADCS-related projects to the Defense Department budget, even criticizing the Pentagon for not requesting the money itself.

Wilkes, who also runs Group W Advisors, a Washington, D.C.-based lobbying firm, declined to answer phone calls and e-mails seeking comment on the issue.
"The company is donating something of value to a politician – a cheap flight on a charter jet – and it's getting something with potentially even greater value in return: face time with somebody who handles the purse strings of federal budget," he said. "In the end, the money that the company spends on the jet flights is a fraction of the benefits that can come out of it."

However, Cunningham spent the most time of any legislator on Group W's jet.

In August 2003, Cunningham used Group W to fly to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, where Idaho Republican Sen. Larry Craig was holding a golf tournament and fundraising dinner.

Besides Craig's fundraising events, Cunningham's visit to Idaho included a hunting trip that he described as a fundraiser for his own campaign.

According to Cunningham, the hunting trip almost cost him his life.

He and the other hunters used four-wheel, all-terrain vehicles to maneuver through the thick forests of the Rockies. But it was Cunningham's first time on a four-wheeler, and he was not adept at steering. On a tight curve, he lost control. The four-wheeler ran downhill through the underbrush and the left side of Cunningham's chest slammed into a tree.

"I almost got killed on that thing," he said. "I was lucky to walk away."

He ended up missing the golf tournament as he recuperated from his injuries, although he joined Craig for dinner at the country club afterward.

Cunningham's record of campaign expenses – which generally are so meticulous that they include his dues and single dinners at the tony Capitol Hill Club – do not reflect any campaign-related expenses for food or lodging in Idaho. And there is no FEC record of Cunningham paying for a flight to Idaho in the summer of 2003.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

An open letter to CNN, Inside Politics;

An open letter to CNN, Inside Politics;

As a frequent viewer of your programming, I have been subject to the highs and lows of your programming pool. I'd like to bring to you attention an amazing event. One of your shows GOT BETTER. It was amazing to bear witness. I was watching CNN, Inside Politics; Robert Novak and James Carville were on and discussing Katherine Harris' claim of distorted photos in the media.

I'd like to point out that this was a low point for the show. I wasn't particularly interested at all. I was eating at the time and the food was more entertaining. *SNAP, CRACKLE, POP* said the cereal. "Oh really?! Tell me more!". Suddenly, Robert Novak walked off the set for whatever reason. At this point, CNN Inside Politics be came more interesting. I was drawn to it, as if my sight had been restored.

Normally, I get headache from this show. It seems to coincide with Robert Novak's presence on the show. I have Snap, Crackle, and Pop checking into that. But, the moment he left, the headache, muscle-aches, and diarrhea went away! It was as if a cancerous tumor had been removed magical unicorn healing had taken place upon me and the show at once. I shouted, "BEGONE foolish breakfast elves!! YOU INTEREST ME NO MORE!!!!". I cast down Rice Krispies upon the floor and took my place in front of the warm, healing glow that is CNN, Inside Politics.

Please do not let my healing end. Do what you must to maintain the healing power that is now CNN, Inside Politics. I can not go back to the elves and their chatty ways. My advice is to change the locks and refuse Robert Novak to return to the show. Don't renounce me to the elves of Krispie Rice, I wish to bask in the light that is CNN, Inside Politics without Robert Novak.

Write your own letter ot Inside Polotics about Robert Novak

Bush - Evolution and Creationism belong in Science Class.

Erin at Ncblues hits the proveribal nail on the head, with a bible no less.

Which leads me to my two cents.

Isn't creationism/intellegent design better suited for the World Cultures class or Social Studies? Rather than Science?

How would you answer questions based on Intelligent Design in science class?


What is the force that pulls objects down?
a) weight

b) size
c) gravity
d) God

Why are were here?
a) the force

b) blogging
c) evolution
d) God

If you answered "d" for both questions; You're probably going to Heaven, but you've just failed Science.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Firm Tied to Convict Aided Rep. Cunningham


UPDATE: Linkie now workie. Thanks Sven!