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Monday, May 01, 2006

Roach meets with GOP groups in Washington North County Times - North San Diego and Southwest Riverside County News - NCTimes.com - Californian.com

Republican party - still fighting for their soul...

"On Tuesday, Roach arrived in Washington for two days of meetings with national conservative groups to measure their views on his possible candidacy for the Republican nomination in the June primary, a Roach spokesman said Tuesday.

'He's getting a pulse,' spokesman Stan Devereux said in a Tuesday phone interview from the nation's capital. 'Eric is in the process of evaluating whether he will continue to campaign for the June primary. We believe it's very important to have input from key conservatives.'

In a Tuesday phone interview, top Republican vote-getter Brian Bilbray said that as long as Roach is in Washington, he would encourage him to sit down for a talk with U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter, 'the premier conservative congressman from this region.' Hunter, R-El Cajon, recently endorsed Bilbray for the job.

In the April 11 special election, Roach got about 1,000 votes less than Bilbray. As a result, Bilbray will face Democrat Francine Busby in the June 6 runoff for the temporary assignment of representing the 50th District.

But on that day, voters will also cast ballots in the primary to choose candidates for the November general election, when a representative will be chosen for the two-year term..."

Do you pull out the win with a weak immigration ticket, via Bilbray, or split the vote and risk losing - because Roach isn't a lobbyist?

tough call.. tough call!