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Saturday, June 24, 2006

MPAA vs World.

You know that, "Don't steal movies, cuz it hurts real people" trailer you must now watch prior to your movie of choice? Yeah, the one that is sandwiched into the 20 mins of trailers and commericals, that you are paying to see. Oh yeah, and the movie ticket that you paide for, like 10 bucks?

I read this story and laughed.

Movie critic Paul Sherman was arrested and charged with selling over 100 "screeners"—preview copies of movies on DVD handed out to reviewers—to various pirate and warez groups over the last few years.

Sherman, no relation to the animated Jay Sherman of FOX's short-lived The Critic, did not exactly get rich from his piratical dealings. He received a mere US$4,714 for the use of his screeners. If convicted, he could face a maximum penalty of US$250,000 and a three-year prison term.

I guess the MPAA and the RIAA need to look at their own industry and clean their own house up first. The public is not a bunch of dark, shadowy, malconents - we just like movies.

I found this on the MPAA website, near the bottom.

Movie pirates are thieves, plain and simple. Piracy is the unauthorized taking, copying or use of copyrighted materials without permission. It is no different from stealing another person's shoes or stereo, except sometimes it can be a lot more damaging. Piracy is committed in many ways, including Internet piracy, copying and distribution of discs, broadcasts, and even public performances. Downloading movies without the authorization of copyright holders is a growing international phenomenon, and it has serious consequences.

People often steal movies on the Internet because they believe they are anonymous and will not be held responsible for their actions. They are wrong. Illegal distribution of digital movie files on the Internet is a serious crime, and individuals who engage in piracy via the Internet can easily be tracked. The movie industry has and is taking a firm stance against Internet thieves who steal millions of dollars in copyrighted material with complete disregard for the law.

Looks like they prescribe to the "dark, shadowy, malconent" fiction. Me? I just like movies. Sorry.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Bilbray PAR-TAY!

Found this link over at Wonkette...

Move over Jenna and Barbara! There are some new sloppy drunks in town!

Oh look! Is that Corona? Mexican beer!?! Shocka!

I'm not sure how Bilbray expects to keep and eye on the border, when this is going on in his own backyard. I don't think a fence will help this one.

I'm sure they are of legal age...I'm not sure how conservative dad will take his daughters' liberal drinking.


Beware - I hear the sites are now password protected. They must be closet liberals!

Monday, June 05, 2006

You gotta....